To recover memories from five years ago… Can our story start again? 18 year-old Hye-hwa and Han-soo were lovers but as soon as Hye-hwa got pregnant Han-soo disappeared completely. Five years later, Han-soo suddenly appears in front of Hye-hwa and the two of them find out their baby is still alive. Hye-hwa doesn’t believe Han-soo. However, after finding out her child had been adopted, she can’t help but weaken. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Re-encounter torrent reviews

Jessica H (jp) wrote: Crazy piece of crap.

Jbells16 B (ag) wrote: This was such a cute film to watch. Is it an Oscar worthy film? Absolutely not, however it's a great movie to watch with your girlfriends over a glass of wine.

Skip M (fr) wrote: Despite what the people say, I thought that this was a very good telling of high school life. There are lots of problems in a teen's life that people just seem to ignore. I think this is a good depiction.

Matt H (ca) wrote: I have to begin this review by providing full disclosure. I was raised in the city of Escanaba. I am proud to be a Yooper and that is bound to make me more critical than most about this film. Some of the old-timers in Escanaba have an accent that reflects their Finnish or Sweedish heritage. It also tends to show that they are not well schooled in English grammar. Deer hunting is part of the culture and it dates back to when venison was an important supplement to the family food stores for the long winters in this generally depressed rural area. Bringing home a buck was a rite of passage into manhood. It meant that you were a skilled outdoorsman and provider. Jeff Daniels uses these basic pieces of Upper Penninsula background as the basis for a story about a man who is embarassed because he is about to become the oldest hunter in the history of his family to have never killed a buck. For me, the problem arises when Daniels tries to get extra mileage out of each of these details from the accent which he develops into a general ignorance in his characters to the hunting traditions of deer camp that become weird encounters with the super natural. The whole movie is guy humor to be sure. My 14-year-old son found much of it to be funny. Daniels creates a series of bits where excessive beer drinking, getting doused in urine and farting are the punch lines. He went low brow when he could have taken a smarter approach to the humor that would have developed around the lead character's buckless situation more. My guess is that some guys out there with an understanding of deer camp antics will find this movie entertaining. I was not one of them.

Hillary D (gb) wrote: Betty seems to find herself in some majorly twisted situations. Jaded by tragedy & infatuated with fantasy, she ends up living her dream.

Ann P (gb) wrote: I've watched this a few times. It's based on a true story and it fascinates me.

Dan G (br) wrote: Totally off the wall, demented, twisted, and a bit crazy. Overall, the story made no real sense, but it was an "interesting" movie. Definitely not for the kids.

Matt H (us) wrote: Amazingly fun and cheesy. No need toFollow the story really. Watch itFor laughs or while drinking. It's a blast!

Darrin C (it) wrote: Complete garbage even for the 1980s with poor scripting and laughable acting. It's another one only good to make fun about.

Don S (au) wrote: Typical 80's teen comedy. Unbelievable situations, cornball laughs, outlandish fashion, and great music. Watched this for Marisa Tomei - I think it was her first movie. She's okay, but doesn't have a big role. Not really worth your time unless you are a big Tomei fan like me.

Jan G (de) wrote: Tom Selleck i frste film efter Magnum P.I. som Indiana Jones fra fr han blev opfundet. Og Bess armstrong er jo dejlig

Iowa B (fr) wrote: This film is like the weird kid on the block, at first you may find him interesting, but then the more he talks or acts, the more you grow exhausted, until you decide to lose his trail. After a while, though, you'll start thinking about him again and the more you do, the more you find the things he said or done to make some sense. Weird kid or weird record you listened back when you were a kid, take your pick (mine was Bjork's Debut).

Martin S (ca) wrote: Kul med en nattfilm man aldrig hrt talas om som vart riktigt trevlig :)