Re-evaluation of Sinan Through Huseyin Anka

Re-evaluation of Sinan Through Huseyin Anka

During the researches of Suha Arin and his team on Sinan the Architect which was intensified in 1988...

During the researches of Suha Arin and his team on Sinan the Architect which was intensified in 1988, a booklet called "Tezkiret-ül Bünyan" in which the memories of Sinan took place was ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Re-evaluation of Sinan Through Huseyin Anka torrent reviews

Scott R (gb) wrote: Pretty campy. I found myself making mocking commentary throughout.

Marcus W (us) wrote: Constantly surprising.

Russ B (kr) wrote: 3/5/2017: A good movie and already a classic.

Hilary K (fr) wrote: I always loved this movie

Jake J (de) wrote: You would be hard pressed to find a funnier comedy. Benigni is remakable in his dual roles.

Masae P (fr) wrote: good message to society. crazy people are not that crazy

Michael W (ca) wrote: Police force has been privatized in near-future and crime is down, although system is plagued by rampant corruption. Main event showdown of Carradine and Tessier feels about two decades too late. Flying remote control glove is a head-turner.

Scott C (es) wrote: Perhaps one of the better Police Academy sequels, but that doesn't mean anything. This was a terrible series.

Gavin M (ag) wrote: Good Pacino film but not great. I know Serpico is regarded as one of the all time best movies of Al Pacino's career, but I could never really get into it as much as his other movies like The Godfather Part 1&2 or Heat, but for Pacino fans this is a definite must see as Pacino really gives a solid performance as the real life New York cop Frank Serpico who wouldn't take money no matter what.

Josh F (mx) wrote: Depressingly gritty small town authenticity and the fact Bridges was (albeit boringly) in it are the only reasons this gets any starrage.

Jeremy N (us) wrote: A stylish and violent thriller featuring 3 Bond girls in the cast - Barbara Bouchet, Barbara Bach and Claudine Auger.

Maxwell D (ca) wrote: Wow. This is one mess of a movie. Perhaps I would have been more intrigued by this had I not read the book. Having read the book, this film is a bastard abortion of the novel. Extremely campy and off the wall with a performance from Raquel Welch that does transcend the material. Lots of pop culture references from 1970 and before: My recommendation, proceed with caution.

Tara H (mx) wrote: This recent spin-off got bad reviews, but it's an enjoyable rainy afternoon movie. Yes it's fluffy and inconsequential, but so was the TV series. It was a fair idea to make it a story within a story, and not just a re-run of the ubiquitous sitcom. Nicole Kidman is charming and vulnerable as Samantha/Isobel, her performance owing more to Marilyn Monroe than Elizabeth Montgomery, while Michael Caine, Shirley MacLaine and Steve Carell lend strong comic support.

Spencer S (au) wrote: Personally, I have a soft spot for Robert Downey Jr. films from the 90's, and Cybill Shepherd has always been a favorite of mine. That's the main reason I liked the film. It was zany, romantic, and funny. I'm sure people disagree based on their own agendas or views, but that's how I felt about the film, honestly.