Reach for Glory

Reach for Glory

During WW2,in a small English coastal town,teenage boys eager to join the army but unable to do so participate in their own homemade private brutal war games with tragic results.

During World War II, teenage boys in a small English town are consumed with jingoism and brutal war games, hoping dearly that the war won't end before they can fight in it. John, one of the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James W (gb) wrote: Zombeavers knows it sucks, and it knows that you know it sucks; and dammit, there's just something genuinely charming about that.

Ryan V (us) wrote: A martial arts instructor (Chiwetel Ejiofor) racks up substantial debts due to a soured business relationship with a seedy film star (Tim Allen). He's offered a way out through competition in mixed martial arts, but the shady business practices of the league test his defiantly strident code of morality. Writer/director David Mamet is known for hard-hitting dialogue, but Redbelt successfully marries this mannerism to literal fisticuffs. While there's no shortage of films about fight competitions, few of them function as emotive character dramas on the same level that this one does.

Calum F (mx) wrote: This film is total trash. Terrible acting garbage plot and s*** ending. None of this film makes any sense. And also the voice dubbing in this film is horrible. I hate to say it but this is one steven seagal film u should skip. I mean it don't bother watching this garbage film it is that bad

kevin s (mx) wrote: prolly one of the greatest movies i have ever seen man this movie was great

Jordan O (ag) wrote: Mike L told to watch it

Kenneth S (ru) wrote: This movie started out interesting and weird in the beginning, but the more you watch it the more you realize it's a good film with Romance with Maggie in it. And the story somehow gets better from there! I liked it!

Hugh M (ca) wrote: Based on the french computer game Thirteen with many elements changed or adjusted. in this movie format it wotks quite well as some differentiation is better the followingthe game in a linear way. It has some moments of "Bourne identity"type stuff, and well as many other classic plot lines.Some good photo manipulation techniques to link it to the game. all over pretty good, a look at lust for power,conruption, plotics, and envy. Classic catch the rabbit and blame the false culprit movie.

Rich B (jp) wrote: Red Dirt (1999) ?For everything you want, there?s a price to be paid.? An unhappy young man, orphaned as a child, is trapped between his crazy aunt, his love for his cousin Emily, and his desire to seek his fortune out West. A mysterious man rents the family cottage and the grim trap begins to shake itself apart. The musical score perfectly complemented the writing, which was poetically hypnotic. An uncommon story told uncommonly well.

Anna Q (us) wrote: Hey, this movie has Christian Kane in it. I wonder if he has Evil Hand Issues.

Noname (jp) wrote: Nice adventure / action movie with Richard Gere. Some romance/drama here aswell and its much like Kevin Costner's Robin Hood kinda. Well made and great actors. Story is decent.

Bryce F (nl) wrote: Has some rather creepy scenes, particularly the scenes with Jonathan Pryce. It can come off as dull at times, but the atmosphere more than makes up for it.

Michelle F (au) wrote: Elaine May is brilliant!!!!

Chris M (es) wrote: See what they did here... took major plot points and character tropes from Jane Austen's novels life and fitted them into a story about Jane Austen!! AMAZING!!Actually, it's not bad at all, thanks to a thankfully simple nuts-and-bolts script and a fine cast who do a very good job with adequate material. Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy are great, while James Cromwell & Ian Richardson are terrific in their supporting roles. It's largely forgettable and utterly inoffensive, but an enjoyable watch if you like this kind of thing. It's not a patch on the best cinematic versions of Austen's novels, which are definitely worth seeking out.I was surprised to see that director Julian Jarrold's other work includes the made-for-tv 'Red Riding: 1974". That is a million miles (and 250 years) away from this; dark, gritty, violent and nasty. It's fantastic.