Read It and Weep

Read It and Weep

A young girl turns into an A-List celebrity over night when her private journal is accidently published and becomes a best-seller.

Shy and retiring Join Jamie's wild private journal becomes a best-seller after she accidentally hands it in as a homework assignment. Jamie eventually becomes disenchanted with her new life and in the end must decide whether popularity is worth sacrificing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mirel T (au) wrote: The Dario Argento who made Suspiria is rolling under his grave

Richard S (fr) wrote: This was a superb sequel. The first film was a slow build and took a while to get going but this certainly makes up for it. Fast paced and tense from the start. Joel Kinnaman's character is no longer the cocky business student who thinks he knows it all, he's experienced the dark side of the world he found himself in the first movie and has adapted. There is one pot of money up for grabs and the central character's lives will cross many times through violence and betrayal in the most tense crime film of last year. Looking forward to the final chapter in what is turning out to be a quality crime trilogy.

Urmi C (ca) wrote: I've seen this and it was a very weird movie... complete waste of time.

Jonathan G (au) wrote: This film is full of ironic things that surprisingly work so well together, but shouldn't. For instance, the plot - lead singer of the hard rock band, Tool, opens up a winery. There are many others, but I don't want to give too much away. This film is a bit A.D.H.D., but manages to keep your attention with all of the cute quips and cameos from movie stars and faux interview bits. It also gives quite the insight on the world of wine-making. I found it to be a very interesting documentary. Worth watching by both wine lovers and lovers of Tool / A Perfect Circle.

Brian C (ag) wrote: Sadly this movie lacks any real coherence, and no explanation at all. The kidnappers are lackluster at best (although the main one is sooo evil he is good), and the disjointed story telling is very annoying to say the least. With better actors, and a script cleanup this might have been ok.

Ian C (au) wrote: Genre de mixte entre comedie d'ado et film de zombies... Bien reussi !

Joseph C (gb) wrote: Farinelli, is the artistic name of Carlo Broschi, a young singer in Handel's time. He was castrated in his childhood in order to preserve his voice...

Steve S (gb) wrote: **** (out of four) Ashley Judd's finest role is also her first major part in this Sundance hit. She plays a young woman who leaves her problems in Tennessee and moves to a small beachside community on the Florida coast. There she opens a tourist shop and tries to start anew. Thoughtful and memorable.

Darrin C (fr) wrote: Very little life in many of these well-known actors which I found odd except for the great performance by Lawrence Fishburne. It's a good movie, but more of a drama than what many might think of as a gangster film. This has some unrealistically corny parts and plays like a made-for-tv movie at times, even having a rather unsatisfying ending. But there's a pretty damn good shoot-out towards the last quarter that I love to re-watch which rivals the last Scarface shoot-out. This movie is good, but mostly for the superior acting of Fishburne.

Aswin W (ag) wrote: lame the story could be have been better

Michelle W (ru) wrote: no info = no interest

Lee M (jp) wrote: Epic, gorgeous and fascinating to watch, Nausicaa is the Ghibli Star Wars; a snapshot of a massive environmentalist wet dream of a sci-fi world where nature, abound with beautiful monsters, fights back and forces you to co-operate.

Alan D (it) wrote: Very soppy but great songs by Tom Waits.

Dave R (ru) wrote: dudley moore plays a man going through mid-life crisis. this is one of those movies i wanted to see when i was a kid, because of bo derek, but never did. probably for the better because i wouldn't have got it. now i get it and i enjoyed it. moore is great in this role. he has a certain charm that keeps his slapstick from being crass.

Matt G (br) wrote: It's a shame Romero got stuck in the black hole of "...Of The Dead" movies. This early film in his career, a purposely unique and grounded take on vampires, is an unnerving and surreal outing that shows real originality for a guy perpetually making zombie flicks. Fantastic camera framing, effective jumps in time, and the minutiae of everyday existence create an awesome experience that makes you question even the mundane people you stand next to at the grocery store.

Stuart K (mx) wrote: Directed by Edwin Sherin (TV's Law & Order) and adapted from Elmore Leonard's 1970 novel of the same name. This had potential to be a good revisionist western, but it turns out being dull and lifeless, which is a shame given the pedigree of the cast, and the best-seller it's adapted from. It's just another western made in Spain, and there were loads of them made around that time, this just has no personality at all. Mexican-American town constable Bob Valdez (Burt Lancaster) is tricked into killing an innocent man by evil rancher Frank Tanner (Jon Cypher), but Valdez wants to get his own back against Tanner, but Tanner sends his men to torture Valdez, by tying him to a wooden cross and have him walk through the desert. But, he breaks free and walks to the ranch of his friend Diego (Frank Silvera), who helps Valdez recuperate. He plans a revenge, but kidnapping Tanner's woman Gay Erin (Susan Clark) whose husband was inadvertently murdered by Valdez. Also kidnapped by Valdez is Tanner's hired gun hired gun R.L. Davis (Richard Jordan), but Tanner sends a posse out to stop Valdez. It has a good plot, but non of it seems to gel on screen which is a great shame, as it has so much potential. Lancaster, usually full of charisma and gravitas, seems bored and brooding throughout the film, this is one Leonard book in need of a new film adaptation.

Will H (br) wrote: Why I saw this today is anyone's guess. I was bored, it fit my time frame. It sucked. Usually, when you pick a film based on what time it plays, you lose.

Denise P (ag) wrote: We Bought a Zoo brings its incredible real-life story beautifully to the big screen, offering a blend of resplendent music and poignant pathos that help shine light on its fully committed cast to deliver a joyous adventure as irresistibly endearing as the animals featured throughout.

Sylvester K (br) wrote: Wild Things is simply amazing. Inside the raunchy surface, there is a really complex story with lots of twists within. I don't think I've seen a film with more twists than Wild Things. Though the story was not as clever as, say, the Sixth Sense. It was fun and cheeky.The acting was pretty great from everyone, especially loved Richards and Campbell playing bad girls. Normally I don't like a film to be too raunchy, but Wild Things needed that erotic push to make it truly great. No spoilers please!