Ready? OK!

Ready? OK!

When 10-year-old Joshua (Lurie Poston) decides to join the cheerleading squad at his Catholic school, he faces an uphill battle -- and opposition from his single mom, Andy (Carrie Preston), who struggles to understand her Hollywood musical- and pom-pom-loving son. With the help of sympathetic neighbor Charlie (Michael Emerson), Andy attempts to embrace her son for who he is, not who she wants him to be. James Vasquez directs this touching comedy.

In this poignant comedy, a single mom struggles to understand her young son's obsession with dresses, dolls and girls' cheerleading. With the recent death of her absent father and her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee M (au) wrote: Its strength is the documentary-textured depiction of Native Americans in their social environment. Its weakness is a story that's a patchy combination of soap opera, low-tech magic realism and, at times, ploddingly sociological commentary.

Laurent B (mx) wrote: Bullets over summer est un polar honorable qui permet d'apprecier a la fois une intrigue policiere et une chronique sociale au coeur de Hong-Kong. On passe un meilleur moment qu'avec certains autres polar Hong-Kongais peut-etre un peu trop systematiques et on retrouve un peu de cette exploration de l'identite de l'ancienne colonie que Wong Kar-wai aime a mene dans ses films mais avec des objectifs tout differents.

James H (de) wrote: Well acted, it?s a good story but it?s also a bit on the dull side. I was a bit bored from time to time. It was okay, nothing great, nor anything bad. Not memeorable.

Sasy N (nl) wrote: [Re-Watch 08/11]Die Bestzung ist gut, aber das tuscht leider nicht darber hinweg, dass der Film so seine Lngen hat. Die Story an sich finde ich auch ein bisschen undurchsichtig und berstrzt, aber naja...

Zoran S (kr) wrote: Diamonds of the Night is one of the most harrowing and brilliant films ever made about WWII and the Holocaust. (Certainly, it is the best film of the Czech New Wave) At only 60 or minutes, it is an intense yet economical nightmare, not a single shot is wasted. There isn't much story here: Two Jewish youths escape a train taking them to a concentration camp only to be caught by a mob of old possibly senile men. Stylistically, though, the film plays like an impossible union of Robert Bresson, Luis Bunuel, and Franz Kafka. The effect is truly horrifying. Like the other brilliant war film Come and See, this is one of those rare films that make you feel that you've peered into the hell of history and that you'll never be able to escape from its images.

George B (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies ever.

Aaron C (de) wrote: An unimaginative, painfully predictable, and largely unfunny comedy that squanders the talent on screen by poorly illustrating its messages of monogamy and trust. Couples Retreat tries to be progressive and funny, but all it manages to do it be progressively unfunny and dull.

Ian W (kr) wrote: An old film that I have only just got around to seeing. Well acted, especially from Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins and, whilst the plot is not quite as sweeping and epic as some of the camerawork or superb soundtrack, I can see why it received such acclaim.

August M (es) wrote: Terrifying and eerie, Safe could best be described as a 20th century nightmare. Julianne Moore gives a subdued tour-de-force and thankfully Todd Haynes makes every part brilliant. Moore's body seems to be at war with the urbanized world around her. Still, once she seeks help, she gets even worse. She slowly comes to realize all the artifices she has erected around her can't protect her. There are a lot of ways, metaphorically, you could see this movie. To me, it's a scathing indictment of man's continued disunion with nature;

Marjon O (de) wrote: Absolutely loved all the adult humor the kids don't get just yet. Brilliantly made and very funny.

Jaimey P (ca) wrote: William Hurt captures the 'spirit' of Dr. Richard Feynman, and his "fight to find the truth to a space disaster that changed the space landscape forever," that is if any actor can really reincarnate into a genius...