Réalité opens with the story of a director who is given 48 hours by a producer to find the best groan of pain, worthy of an Oscar, as the only condition to back his film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Réalité torrent reviews

Wade P (br) wrote: Cristen Coppen...and that's about it.

Rasika K (us) wrote: Animation Is Not Good....

Max T (de) wrote: Nr Tim Robbins fsker lgga an p Hanna i en slutscen och vinner ver henne med repliken "I can learn to swim", d visade Coixet, med finess, hur man knyter ihop scken och den sista stjrnan tndes. Strlande skdespelarprestationer drtill!

Kevin S (ag) wrote: I'm a suckered for any sports movie. This gets a little better rating then may deserve.

Gretchen W (us) wrote: I have never watched a "tramp" movie..but who hasn't heard of Charlie..I enjoyed getting to knw the a lil better..n i freakin love RDJ...

Joey F (jp) wrote: Entertaining fodder which is 1 part entertaining and 1 part almost making fun of crime/gangster movies, but in a good way.I love non-american actors as they bring a sense of reality to films.This movie is a working mans Get Shorty with a wink at Pulp Fiction.Great camera angles and sequential storytelling.Either you will 'get' this movie or you won't. Harvey Keitel doesn't get as much kudos as he could in hollywood.Good film for real movie fans!

Melanie D (es) wrote: I especially enjoyed the part where the main guy was losing some weight...no matter how bad it affected those closest to him. And that's really the lesson to take away from this, kids, you gotta do what's right for YOU at all times. You wanna lose a couple hundred pounds of your couple hundred pounds, go right ahead if it makes you happy and don't listen to 'em. Never live your life for others or one day you may wake up and realize, "wait a minute, who the flying **** have I become?!" or "wow, i''m like half the man I used to be!" etc.

Ryan V (ca) wrote: It seems like every 80s action star had a jail movie. It's Van Damme's turn. If you enjoy his movies, this is a decent one. If you're expecting something deeply moving, profound, or featuring character development, you're in the wrong theatre.

Michelle C (jp) wrote: this was my all time favorite movie as a lil girl. My girl have even watched it and love it. MUST SEE FOR ANY LIL GIRL especially those who "run away" every time they don't get their way

Greg W (kr) wrote: sequel to 'summer of '42' diff director is just OK.

J J (gb) wrote: Red Beard - 8/10 Kurosawa's sweeping tale about an arrogant, young trainee doctor who aspires to be the personal physician of the local Shogun. To his surprise, his family have gone against his wishes and placed him in a rural clinic, under the guidance of "Red Beard", a strict but compassionate doctor. At first, he is appalled at what he see's and rebels, refusing to wear the uniform or work. Through his experiences at the clinic, the young doctor learns the true meaning of life. The film examines the doctors relationships with various patients and more importantly, his relationship with Red Beard, a hardened veteran of a doctor who imparts his wisdom on to him. The daily struggles at the clinic force the trainee doctor to re-evaluate how he see's himself, he learns of the true power a doctor holds, he can make a huge difference in peoples lives if he wanted to and bring happiness to the less fortunate. A life of poverty is worth having if he can make a difference to numerous lives. Even by Kurosawa's standards, this was quite a sentimental film. One of Kurosawa's trademarks was to use extreme examples of society to get his message across and this film is no different. Another one of his obsessions was existential humanism, which was in full force in this film. Despite the harshness of poverty displayed, 'Red Beard' gives hope and paints a rather positive picture of the human race, especially through the character of Red Beard. It also marked his last collaboration with Mifune, his films after this would paint more of a bleak picture of society. Mifune played the part with a subtle sort of intensity, a far cry from his usually angry Samurai roles. It really was an excellent performance. In one particularly great scene, Red Beard dismantles a bunch of thugs in Steven Seagal-esquire fight scene, he uses his knowledge of the human body to fracture certain bones in their body. After this scene, he evaluates and damage he's done and realises he was too harsh, he proceeds by patching up their injuries. The protagonist also gives an admirable performance, displaying all the traits necessary for a complex individual who undergoes a miraculous change by the end of the film. A special mention goes to the child actors who were simply superb, one scene near the end was especially moving and I think it even made me shed a tear or two. Another masterpiece from Kurosawa and for me, it firmly places him as the greatest film maker of all time. Not just through technical ability and attention to detail but through simple, effective storytelling. A must see.

Gabriel W (fr) wrote: I thought the movie was okay. The acting was pretty good, the filming was good, but the werewolf was the only cheesy thing about the movie. The story, though, was just plain entertaining. I had so much fun watching this movie. I would recommend this movie.

Charlie L (gb) wrote: An insightful look into the life of Ali from not only the man himself but the people around him. However, the film is too long and tends to drag in certain areas where the pace slows drastically.

Max M (ru) wrote: Walked out of this and have seen much fewer Will Farrell movies as a result.

Jonathan P (de) wrote: Not the comedy that I had hoped for with Heder and Billy Bob going head to head. School for Scoundrels offers a few chuckles but nothing that will be quote worthy or even remembered after the films credits are running.

Adam R (us) wrote: Very intense! It's the same old story as in any other slasher movie, but I was frightened and uneasy throughout it. (First and only viewing - October 2006 in theaters)