Reality XL

Reality XL

On 13 January 2011, 24 scientists on night shift enter the control room. On 14 January 2011 at 6.00 PM clock only 1 scientist exits the control room. The other 23 have vanished without a trace. The scientist is questioned by two officers of the investigating detective services. An incredible story begins.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
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On 13 January 2011, highly intelligent but irritable Professor Konstantin Carus (Heiner Lauterbach) enters the control room of the particle accelerator together with 23 colleagues. Eight ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Reality XL torrent reviews

Ruthie R (au) wrote: Okay but this was super funny, and it feels like it was unintentional but something tells me making a movie about privileged white kids backstabbing each other means the laughs were intentional.

Robert S (mx) wrote: Some funny scenes not really anything special

Brad D (us) wrote: For this day the fourth of July this movie is worth seeing. The movie was somewhat comparable to the stage production. With all the anti Americanism flowing, this movie shows why we fought for freedom and independence even in the songs. I have seen it several times.

Andrew M (jp) wrote: Stephen King has a habit of taking ordinary objects - hedge animals, dogs, and in the case of Christine, cars - and turns them into extraordinary, and usually haunted, objects. The problem with Christine is that, aside from a few select moments, this haunted car just doesn't pack many scares. There are scenes that work, especially those when either a specific '50s classic rock song or John Carpenter's mysterious soundtrack come into play, but for the most part, the thrills are mostly flat. It's rare to complain about ambiguity, but perhaps a few more details of exactly what's motivating this car to go on a merciless killing spree would do this story well. The other "half" of this story, dealing with the teenagers and their relationships, is actually handled pretty well: the interactions and overall atmosphere fits the era well, and the performances, while nothing special, get the job done. It's far from the kind of work expected from someone like John Carpenter: fortunately, even the lesser works of a legend like Carpenter are only middle-of-the-line.

Mikey P (kr) wrote: anyone involved in making of this... "movie" should think of doing something else, or nothing at all ever again.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: The dialogue is painfully expository and it is hard to accept that such a self-centered rationalist would be this easily convinced without asking the most fundamental questions about what he is witnessing. Besides, the plot is too predictable for anyone acquainted with Allen's works.

S L (fr) wrote: I hope they make a second one