Really Bend It Like Beckham

Really Bend It Like Beckham

A show to learn David Beckham's skills and free kicks.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:soccer,  

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Really Bend It Like Beckham torrent reviews

Erika G (mx) wrote: the first was better.

Khaled M (gb) wrote: Powerful, deliciously disturbing film, remind me a lot of The Kite Runner. Full of impressive acting and devastating emotional impact.

EvaLena I (fr) wrote: Is a good swedish movie

Alice (ca) wrote: Ray: This isn't my shit. My shit is sitting on my arse reading about this shit...

Bryan W (de) wrote: Worst documentary I've ever seen.

Antti V (kr) wrote: Like some Braveheart from Thailand.

Christine G (kr) wrote: I thought it was a pretty good French film. The character development was spot on, and I love how different stories link tie together in such a way.

Mark H (us) wrote: A nostalgia driven film made all the more enchanting with a beautiful score by Ennio Morricone. Contrary to most reviews, i believe the 3 hour version is much more well rounded and exceeds the shortened version in terms of the Director's vision for the film - not the time length - which some audiences find hard to sit through.

Richard D (de) wrote: A worthy last film for Hammer studios.

Grant S (kr) wrote: Great WW2 naval drama. Starring, produced and directed by Noel Coward, with music written by himself too (though David Lean co-directs and co-edits). Though a fictional story it is based around the true story of HMS Kelly, captained by Lord Louis Mountbatten and sunk off Crete in 1941. Apparently Mountbatten pitched the idea of the story of HMS Kelly being made into a movie to Noel Coward, and provided most of the detail.Great story, well told. Very realistic, down to the military commands and interactions.Great performances all round. Noel Coward is initially irritating - being rather stiff and dour in his role - but his character grows on you.Being made in 1942 as a war propaganda movie, it does have the inevitable one-eyed jingoistic scenes, butt these are mostly fairly subtle, unlike many WW2 movies.

shaun c (nl) wrote: was just really boring, even the action sequences seemed toned down from Van Damme. Definitely not one that should be bothered with unless you have a free rental to use somewhere along the way. Shame is, the idea of the political intrigue could have saved it if the writing would have been better.

Chayc (kr) wrote: Bad final installment to a series that had a great beginning. The family's actions are beyond foolish considering what they've seen.