Realnaya skazka

Realnaya skazka


The funny adventures of a characters of Russian folk fairy tales in the contemporary world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eve L (fr) wrote: One of the greatest films I've ever seen.

Biel U (ag) wrote: Um filme com um foco que seria interessante, um otimo assunto a ser tratado, mas ficaram focando na porra da ilha, que no o assunto a ser discutido, se focassem naquelas cenas do fim seria um otimo filme e por isso estragaro td

David I (jp) wrote: One of my favorite Tinker Bell movies. I've had watched this more than any other Tinker Bell movie ever made thus far. I love the fact that Tinker Bell had a sister she never knew she had. One of the main reasons why I love this movie. Even though, this is shorter than the other Tinker Bell movies. We all wish for a special connection with someone we love or find that missing relative that we never knew about. This movie shares both of those points.

li b (de) wrote: It did more or less keep me watching until the end, but I have to say this movie was ridiculous, predictable, and in some ways, disturbing. If the moral was that she finally stands up for herself and gets what she deserves, why does the romantic climax involve the "hero" telling her what to do? ("Get over here.") Yeesh...

mikey s (gb) wrote: This movie is so interesting. And every thinking person should see this movie and once you see it you will understand how powerful this movie is

Luciano B (de) wrote: Hideous, lengthy and dull movie. The only redeeming factor is the crude way needy women beg Rimini for sex, which I found very funny.

Shawn P (ag) wrote: This movie is almost real as it gets

Kade C (kr) wrote: The fantastically written bloodbath that is Reservoir Dogs is to this day one of Quentin Tarantino's finest films. The cast and the dialogue truly carries this movie to be a brutally fun watch.

Artin S (ru) wrote: Meh ... I really wanted to see some impressive cinematography. There was some but not quite enough.

Kevin M W (us) wrote: I love Rachel Weisz, and was glad she got this opportunity to bring to light one of the truly inventive thinkers of antiquity, Hypatia, long forgotten in most curriculum. Unfortunately there's another tale here, that of nascent Christianity versus the vanishing paganism of the day. That'd be a good movie too, Christians as not so nice mob murderers. The mash up though doesn't have enough attention for both and so both stories are ill served, and so are you, the innocent viewer.

Trevor L (br) wrote: crazy and wild movie about a mid life crisis and a look into the time period this movie represents. Worth a watch and is a great movie to analyze

Eliabeth C (it) wrote: pretty inspirational

James K (de) wrote: Shakespeare for the Tarantino generation:Julie Taymor's adaption of Shakespeare's epic tragedy is done on a grand scale, the capitol of Rome is large and feels powering. However the strong point of the film is the cast, Anthony Hopkins plays Titus with just enough amount of madness to make him seem realistic, Lange steals the show as the Goth queen Tamora; whilst theater favorite Alan Cumming provides the comedy reilf as a very camp Saturninus.