Realnyy papa

Realnyy papa


Roman Shilo, a known criminal, suddenly must deal with his fourteen years old daughter and not only with her but with her little stepbrother and stepsister as well. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shahadi K (ag) wrote: A great movie on how to help others by spreading the message of humanity.

Dave W (fr) wrote: Decent Brit Flick with a great cast. Not the funniest of comedies, but all the geeky scenarios helped raise a laugh simply for the shameful parallels with my own nerd like existence !

Jaden R (it) wrote: A very boring film that literately makes a mockery of any werewolf film out there

Elin F (ca) wrote: This was my usual "crappy movie"-gift from my husband. Not as bad as I expected, quite funny at times (maybe b/c of a slight hangover...). And Michael Jackson! In a movie! That in itself is worth one star. Magnificent acting - not!

PJ E (ru) wrote: I liked it better when it was the Matrix.

Jesse T (ca) wrote: Mistakenly, it's all about the payoff.

Get J (kr) wrote: Probably the most underrated comedy of all time, so many good one liners and fantastic characters.

JH K (jp) wrote: La vi en el cine, yes, voluntariamente fui... por que en no mucho hara un viaje a New York, y quera ver el mismo tnel. Y s, lo vi, el taxi me llev del aeropuerto a la ciudad por ese tnel.El poder de la pantalla puede ser raro y confuso...

Steve S (es) wrote: *** (out of four) A colorful array of Utah women get together a few times each year to catch up and to keep their friends informed on the changes in each of their lives. The drama keeps you interested in what happens and is thoughtful and provocative.

Jordan R (de) wrote: (4.5/5) I'd call it a serious guilty pleasure film, but that would be dishonest; there's nothing guilty about this. Insanely quotable, beautiful cinematography both on the ground and in the air, and some of the most memorable performances I've ever seen. If I had to make a list of my favorite films ever, Top Gun would easily crack the Top 15.

Greg W (jp) wrote: ok technicolor musical.

Bill M (kr) wrote: Soviet cinema, like their space program, once led the world but soon got left in the dust.

Zachary M (jp) wrote: Often remembered as a classic in the underdog sports movie genre, Miracle doesn't stand the test of time. The movie not only feels incredibly dated, but the characters are not very relatable or likeable. Things just tend to happen, people say they learn things without really growing as characters, and then it's over. Do yourself a favor, if you're in the mood for an underdog sports movie watch something like Might Ducks or Remember the Titans, you'll have a much more memorable and enjoyable experience.

Howie D (ru) wrote: The movie is a fairly one-sided take on abortion as 100% of the people in the film are in favor of the abortion, no one makes a case for considering having the baby (or giving it for adoption) and zero of the women who've had abortions express any fragment of regret or concern over the decision. The film makes almost no exploration or look at the spiritual questions or ethical questions related to abortion. Donna has some fear of whether it will be painful and what some people like her Mom will think, but that's it and she's quickly told by people that it's easy and is re-assured by everyone including her Mom that's she's making the right choice and not to worry about it. The overall message is: life sucks if your boyfriend has an affair and dumps you, you drink massive amounts of alcohol, you lose your job, get pregnant from a one-night stand with a total stranger, treat the stranger like crap and abort the fetus, but don't worry - the abortion process is actually super easy and the amazingly kind, handsome and intelligent stranger will fall for you, bring you flowers the morning of the abortion, make you tea at his house afterwards and take the day off to watch a 10 hour movie holding hands with you for your happy ever after. Go ahead with the drunkenness, one-night stands and killing something living inside of you and what may well be a human soul - good things will come to you. This movie tries hard to be gritty, but is really a fantasy. I'm not opposed to fantasy, but not fantasies whose core theme is this.