Rebel Truce, the History of the Clash

Rebel Truce, the History of the Clash


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Rebel Truce, the History of the Clash torrent reviews

alex f (ca) wrote: I'm a big Marley fan, but I didn't know much about his up bringing! However, this film goes in great detail about his life, films like this sometimes can be boring, however in this case it is definitely not! Also, it is one of those film you come out of the cinema and feel inspired! great film in my eyes! - 16 year old!

John A (it) wrote: The cover of this DVD promised Dolph bare chested with a bullet belt, and at least one explosion going off in the background. I could have forgiven this false advertising if the actual film had been in any way entertaining, but sadly it was not to be.

Jose A (ag) wrote: hilarious non stop fun, owen wilsons greatest movie and the fat kid shows tremendous potential.

Samantha K (br) wrote: Such a tear jerker. One of the saddest lesbian films to date. Definitely erotic and provocative, and quite moving as well.

Sandy L (br) wrote: The first and only Electric Western. Great music. Ignore the plot and acting.

Craig C (mx) wrote: Conceived to capture the zeitgeist of 1968's youth riots, Zabriske Point comes off as so pompous and poorly acted no acid can save it. Today the film sits on several so bad it's good lists and is more remembered for the Pink Floyd / Grateful Dead soundtrack and the 20-minute make out scene in the desert. Not for the comically impaired.

jay n (fr) wrote: not a great movie but of its type a good one and interesting to see Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor together so many years after their divorce. She looks good, he looks like hell.

Michael R (fr) wrote: Its gets one star because of a slightly interesting twist at the end. What stood out about this movie was a lack of chemistry among the main characters. Just felt really awkward the whole way.

John M (ca) wrote: Overall a decent movie. Sadly it is terribly similar to Zak Bagans and his crew on "Ghost Adventures." Grave Encounters is another "found footage film" that is worth a watch, but not worth a buy.