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Rebelde torrent reviews

Brian G (it) wrote: "Peace must have strong roots so that it cannot be easily destroyed." What happens in an honor culture when there is a blood feud? Seen from the point-of-view of the teenage children involved, this movie, set in Albania, is a meditation on the clash of tradition and modernity.

Sowmya S (gb) wrote: I dont think this is a gud movie...

Alex K (kr) wrote: I Don't Like Paul Greegrass.

Brain R (mx) wrote: Mumblecore is still finding its way as a movement but I appreciate that they are telling small stories others may not think worth telling.

bill s (fr) wrote: Throws a lot of $hit against the wall and misses the wall and hits the audience.

Anna B (kr) wrote: I was hoping for some fun Hong Kong action cheese but this is just depressingly awful. The English (why?!) dialogue is atrocious, the acting abysmal, and it takes itself way too seriously; the ending is downright painful.

Allan C (gb) wrote: What ever happened to Emelio Estevez? Great in "Repo Man" and solid in a bunch of different films (this probably being one of the weaker), but I'd really like to see him in something again. This film however, is pretty lame. The premiss of the film, that human in the future have so polluted themselves and can no longer harvest healthy bodies now have to time travel and snatch healthy bodies from the past, is a cool idea, but this film just becomes a lame chase with a few interesting ideas scattered here and there. There's no chemistry between Emilio and his supposed love interest Renee Russo. Anthony Hopkins shows up a few times to spout exposition. I did like David Johansen's part and Amanda Plummer as a gun toting nun also injected some life into the film, but overall it's really not very good, not to mention did not age very well with time (as opposed to say "Blade Runner", "Mad Max" or even something like "The Running Man".

Alberto A (gb) wrote: Night and Fog contains a relentless collection of videos and images from the concentration camps. But it also has a ruthless, unforgiving, quick narration which leaves no room for sentimentalism. The film lasts 30 minutes, but it will stick in your mind for a long time. Poetic almost every time, the lines spoken unmercifully by the narrator are highly prophetic, especially the last ones. It is clear that these times we are living are witness of this prophecy, because almost 60 years have passed since its release and the director is right. Yeah, I don't think he will be proven wrong actually.

Matt G (es) wrote: Smart, funny, mysterious, and playful. Beautifully complex performances and the best portrayal, by far, of HItler ever. And then the ending happens.

Michael A (jp) wrote: Freedom to assemble and expression! Radicals, Protesters, anti government! Did all of them went too far that they all have to be in hiding for 3 decades? That bank robbery, was that really part of the plan? MY question is why Nick Sloan would be in hiding if he is not guilty at all? Was it because the enemy is the government? Lot's of questions! Really a great movie.

Jens S (es) wrote: Mediocre, mildly entertaining thriller that does not make the most of its somewhat interesting premise. You can smell the few surprises miles away and the showdown is not particularly exciting, even if the editing tries to make you think so. Unbelievable what huge and entertaining films director Harlin created in the 90s. Amazing that he got such a good cast for this rather tame product.