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Rebellion torrent reviews

Simon M (br) wrote: Powerful and passionate performances especially from the translucent Swinton.

Jovan C (br) wrote: A heartwarming and honest touch on something we all can relate to.

Cindy V (br) wrote: Interesting, but the stories weren't connected enough to make a cohesive movie.

Terry R (de) wrote: Great Film! Exactly how it was! And very funny too!

Ashley K (es) wrote: Freakin' terrible! Not just terrible, but FREAKIN' terrible.

Derek S (de) wrote: A goofy, low-budget Christmas film that I just can't help but like. Nic Cage has always been one of my all-time favorite actors, and that's the main reason I was interested in seeing this. The supporting cast is pretty star-studded, but don't do very well. It's all Cage who drives this to be an at least decent Holiday getaway. The plot is blah blah, but I didn't criticize that aspect much, because if you know me well enough, you know I don't take Christmas flicks too seriously. It's all about family fun. I found this film enjoyable, silly, and frankly a bit stupid.'s a very fun flick to watch.

Andrew M (jp) wrote: What can I say, I'm a sucker for a gigantic robot movie, especially when it's not directed by Michael Bay.

Daniel M (gb) wrote: This movie was one of the best dramas I've seen for a while

Ellen D (it) wrote: Heartwarming message

Ninjaw P (mx) wrote: Je ne m'attendais rien tellement les critiques sont cons, mais Simon Pegg, les Monty Python, et le dernier role de Robin Williams ont brillamment su apporter cette touche anglaise indispensable ce type de comdie grasse et simpliste.

Ole J (es) wrote: I remember seeing Pride and Prejudice many years ago, it is a beautiful film and I am told that the book is even more splendid. This film about the author behind that and other books in the genre is a very rich tale of love, class, nobels and the mob :)It takes place in the country and London, but mostly far away from anything, so the scenes are very vivid and full of colour and natures brisk attitude. The acting is like taking them out of an old book and especially Anne hathaway and James McAvoy do a splendid job, but the rest of the cast and crew have worked hard to make the personalities, with quirks, errors and lovely characteristics stand out.

John C (de) wrote: This was the closing film at the Japan Cuts 2012 film festival in NYC this summer, screened at the Japan Society. Having grown up with the epic Star Blazers anime series in the 1970s, I had high hopes for this live action retooling. I'll cut to the chase: Was really disappointed in the treatment of the Gamelon alien race and their leader Deslock. I enjoyed their "human-like" features and emotions in the original series and this current rendition makes them faceless, nameless creatures. The landing on Iscandar loses all of its luster because there is no Princess Starsha. What more can I say about that? The cast and subsequent acting is fine but what starts off as nice chemistry between the crew members ultimately finishes with incredibly long winded, over dramatic speeches. The one reason why I suggest any fan of the original series must see this film is for the special effects, and most importantly, the Space Battleship Yamato. Incredible that on a total budget of about 25 million U.S. dollars, the effects and battle scenes could be so rich. And of course, the wave motion generator and gun make this almost worth the price of admission. In the end, this live action version makes me want to dive back into the epic anime series and enjoy it all over again.