Filmed over the ensuing years after the attack on New York's World Trade Center, this documentary takes a look a the physical and emotional healing process involved in the aftermath of such a tragedy.

Filmed over the ensuing years after the attack on New York's World Trade Center, this documentary takes a look a the physical and emotional healing process involved in the aftermath of such a tragedy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Joao20 M (ru) wrote: Nota: 9.1/10 - 4.4/5

Anthony A (jp) wrote: his movie has some of the sytle of Tsukamoto's past flicks, but the plot was not up to par with Tetsuo, A Snake of June or even Vital.

Sylvester K (fr) wrote: Obviously not a true story. Brandi accidentally hit a man when she was driving home, the man became stuck in the windshield and she left him to die. There were various incidents where the situation might be uncovered but she avoided them. She became more aggressive in her attempts to keep this under control as the film goes on. The characters were all annoying, you can't really feel mad or sad for anyone, but I have to admit Mena Suvari was pretty good in this film. If you want some brainless fun, maybe this film is for you.

Richard L (es) wrote: This movie starts slow but is quite moving by the end.

Zurino O (ru) wrote: Its gets an extra star just because of the wicked and unique fight choreography.

Brian R (ag) wrote: Atom Egoyan's most daring picture. I don't understand why a lot of people thought Alison Lohman was badly miscast. She wasn't bad at all and she pretty much held my attention throughtout the rest of the picture. Kevin Bacon is good as Lanny Morris and so is Rachel Blanchard as Maureen but the best performance comes from Colin Firth as Vince Collins, who is a sharp character with a conscience even when he's at his most vulnerable. The best scene in the picture is the menage trois sequence and the very last act of the picture. Not because of the sexual acts the characters engage in but the way how important key information is mentioned through flashback and voiceover. I can understand why such and such has happened, who was the real accomplice in the murder, and who was the one made responsible and why. Egoyan's filmmaking trademarks is evident in "Where The Truth Lies", shifting the narrative through time, making me drift through the process while also being fascinated on screen. Themes involving damaged women is evident, first with Maureen, then Karen (Lohman) and a maybe a third would be the young girl who portrays Alice (Kristin Adams). WTTL almost feels like a TV movie, and yet at the same time the picture left quite an impression on me. It's one of those picture I wouldn't mind going back to.

Sabrina A (de) wrote: Loved this movie! Book was so great I had to check out the movie/

Caroline P (jp) wrote: Over a decade later, this feels overly long and over-hyped with a needlessly complicated plot. However, as silly swashbuckling adventures go, this remains one of the most fun and well-styled films out there. Captain Jack Sparrow is still amusing and iconic, even if half his lines are overused catch phrases.

Christopher J (nl) wrote: The only movie I've ever walked out of.

Gregory T (nl) wrote: Film is primarily a visual medium. In the case of Downtown 81, Glenn O'Brien and his friends pointed a camera at NYC's best graff artists, avant musicians, fashion designers and rappers. A wholly engaging film that was lost for many years. Best part: DNA.

Phil S (mx) wrote: One of the best of the 1970s gritty New York police movies.

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