Set within a dystopian world that is a collision between technology and humanity, "Reboot" touches upon many of the current social and political concerns that arise from becoming more and more intertwined with the virtual. In contemporary Los Angeles, a young female hacker (Stat) awakens from unconsciousness to find an iPhone glued to her hand and a mysterious countdown ticking away on the display. Suffering from head trauma, and with little recollection of who she is or what is happening, Stat races against time to figure out what the code means, and what unknown event the pending zero-hour will bring.

A young female hacker awakens from a traumatic event that she scarcely remembers, and an iPhone glued to her hand. On the phone, a countdown is ticking away to zero. What happens at zero? ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luckee C (gb) wrote: A slow-paced action-thriller packed with entertainment, but full on boring. Sanjay Dutt is hardly there, yet he is somehow the lead actor. Watch it for the excellent performances.Verdict = Average

Raban R (it) wrote: I would say brick LAME... what a shit movie

Melvin W (mx) wrote: "It was a little further out than he thought."Humboldt County is a very disappointing film. It has a few scenes that are really good and every time one of them comes; I would think the movie was about to start getting better. But then the movie would fall right back into a 20 minute lull. I guess the main problem, besides boredom, is the fact that I really didn't like the lead, Jeremy Strong. It might actually just be the character, but either way, I hated him.What saved the movie from being a complete waste of time were the performances by Brad Dourif and Chris Messina. Both were great and the only bright spots of the entire film. The movie was just so dry. It failed to really sell it's emotional climax at all. I really didn't care. The lead up is boring for the most part. Like I said, it does have a few moments where you may think the story and pace is going to pick up and become more interesting. But that was never the case. It was pretty much an exercise in mediocre storytelling throughout.

Vijay M (br) wrote: Should all taxpayers money spent lavishly to favor few, and harm/hurt/maim/mutilate/murder a majority? Something to think about, check out this movie, and form your deicions. Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, will be duely ignored while shopping.

Nick A (mx) wrote: Why doesn't a machine gun work against giant prehistorical predator birds? This, and many other irrelevant crap is discovered here. Low budget, traditional horrible horror character decisions, and a not completely talented cast prove that only Spielberg could have pulled this one off.

Adam U (jp) wrote: Weak It was pretty much crap

Scott C (ag) wrote: The film that made me respect Jason Priestley as an actor. Too bad I can't remember why.

Kim W (kr) wrote: It's a pretty ok film, we finally learn why candyman is the way he is and it sort of makes you feel sorry for him, but there are still unanswered questions and no sign of Helen, it's like the writers just forgot about her, still worth a watch if you don't try reading too much into it

John C (ru) wrote: Not even a good bad b movie. Just a bad bad movie. Barely watchable.

Andrew D (it) wrote: It is not the worst sequel ever made, but it still one that is not worth watching when/if you have other options.

Dena S (ca) wrote: Not a bad movie. A fine one time watch.

Matthew W (mx) wrote: I think I disliked every character in this movie. Good for some laughs

Jason T (ru) wrote: a horror movie that spoofs horror movies. worth it, if only for the fake Irish accent of William Forsythe.