It deals with the life of Alan Hamilton (played by David Tennant), the former head of a construction firm, after he receives serious personality-changing brain injuries in a car accident, and the emotional feeling of his family. Tricia, his wife (played by Sarah Parish) struggles because the man she knew has gone. Throughout the programme she tries to bring him back through memories, photographs, her sons and herself.

A television reporter and cameraman follow emergency workers into a dark apartment building and are quickly locked inside with something terrifying. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lamarcus S (ru) wrote: It wasnt too bad.. Just really weird

Finn B (de) wrote: In Kumare, Vikram Gandhi wants to show the absurdities of Gurus and seeks to illustrate his point by becoming one himself. He goes all the way. The film is clever and sarcastic as hell. Its a filmed experiment with "truth" and "faith" showing the powers of manipulation - Guruism is absurd, Vikram Gandhi get discipels by inventing absurd rituals and bogus "spritual" ideology. Relgious people will probably dislike this film. The basic idea is simple and a little scarry. I recommend it.

Siddhant J (au) wrote: It Was More Fiction Than Drama

Benjamin A (ca) wrote: Primera mexicana q vi, primera q me gusto :)

Teuta R (us) wrote: the frist Ja Rule movie, for me the best movie ever

Hal M (gb) wrote: This film has the basic materials to be very good indeed. 1945, Japan. Dr. Akagi on his mission to combat an epidemic of hepatitis; helped in that mission by an escaped POW; while he manages to resist the advances of a young sexpot. Unfortunately, it doesn't resolve itself well at all. Not enough is made of the POW. Or the junkie-surgeon. Or the harlot-turned-nurse. There are more good characters here than our writer/director can handle. Then comes the whale and bomb ending that just seems a confession of failure: "I don't know how to end this so let's just make it absurd." Someone called this a black comedy. Nonsense. It's not a bit funny and that absurd ending doesn't convert what was all along a drama into a black comedy.

Jamie G (ag) wrote: Loved it! one of my fav movies growing up! I loved Tom Hamilton!

Diego M (ru) wrote: if this isn't a perfect film, then there is no such thing.

Mark C (ca) wrote: This made S&M less like fun & more like a REALLY annoying job you have to do every night.

Jan N (fr) wrote: It took 3 attempts to get through this movie. I fell asleep each time, and I wasn't even that tired. The film loses steam in the middle, and the ending really isn't all that rewarding.

Inga H (ru) wrote: Passable as a kids film, extremely predictable, but my son loved it.