[REC]³ Genesis

[REC]³ Genesis

A couple's wedding day turns horrific as some of the guests start showing signs of a strange illness.

A couple's wedding day turns horrific as some of the guests start showing signs of a strange illness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arai A (es) wrote: It had a good storyline and it focus Superman and Supergirl relationship and telling about Kara's parents histroy also and I really liked that.

Lanky Man P (fr) wrote: Great one if you're able to find anywhere to view it. Very rare.

Tyler L (au) wrote: A very good and underrated thriller...but underrated for the right reasons. Melanie Griffith and her boyfriend played by Matthew Modine buy an expensive Victorian house in the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco. To help pay for the house, they begin to rent rooms in the house...one of the rooms they rent is to Carter Hayes (Michael Keaton), a seemingly normal professional guy with a lot of cash to throw around and appears almost perfect, in reality, he is the tenant from Hell. A complex story of denied inheritance, identity theft, and real estate scams unfolds through out the film and Carter Hayes, already a difficult tenant may still not be all he appears to be.My biggest problem with the film, as with everyone of his films, is Matthew Modine. He never seems believable in anything he plays in and is always out shined by his supporting cast ("Full Metal Jacket" and "Married to the Mob", just to name a few) and Pacific Heights is no different. It is clear to me just how awesome of an actor Michael Keaton is. Keaton is brilliant in this movie and every thing he does through most of the film is so cold, cunning, and calculating...but done with amazing coolness and calm. You can not say the same for Modine's character who goes off his rocker so quickly and acts so unsteady against Keaton's character and even with Griffith's character...you wonder if he is not a bit psycho too!Underrated for the right reasons means that it's a shame that no one paid more attention to just how great and versatile Michael Keaton as an actor, able to play both the hero in Tim Burton's "Batman" and such a devious villain in this film only a year apart. However, it's underrated for the right reasons because Matthew Modine's acting and the over the top unstableness of his character clearly brings down what could have been a classic thriller.A pretty good film overall, watchable if nothing else because Keaton is so good. 4/5 stars.

Ben S (kr) wrote: soooo beautiful and interesting to watch

Dwayne R (gb) wrote: A story of illegal aliens

Kyle M (gb) wrote: There's an obvious aura at the beginning and the unfolding towards the outcome turns intriguing even though the tonal shifts are sort of disruptive to the process. But what drives the film is the excellent performances from Stallone, De Niro and Liotta, and some dynamics they each bring out. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Daniel W (ru) wrote: If it hadn't been so reliant on 'it's people swearing and making sex references BUT THEY'RE MEDIEVAL' for its humour it would probably have been quite good...