Recep Ivedik 2

Recep Ivedik 2

Recep gets a job and tries to find a wife to please his ailing grandmother.

Recep gets a job and tries to find a wife to please his ailing grandmother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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gary l (de) wrote: It's not Kevin Smith and it's not American Pie. It's funny because the conversations are real. This is also what makes it unique. American Pie was hilarious, but it was a sensationalized view of trying to meet girls. Kicking The Dog tackles this genre because real is funny. If you don't get it, it's because you never lived it.

Virginie B (ca) wrote: Mega Crap! -10 stars

Dustin C (us) wrote: I would never watch this movie in a million years if it hadn't been filmed a block from my house but it turned out to be pretty good overall.

Mark W (us) wrote: Godzilla films are clearly getting battier by the day... The Godzilla killing team set out to rid the world of the beast once again this time through scientific powers of creating black-holes shot from outer space! However this time we have a female lead seeking retribution of her former leader, fortunately she was feisty and decked some suit for his cheek... But the film as a whole was average entertainment!

Amanda W (kr) wrote: Entertaining and funny for what it is. Buckle up and enjoy the ride, even if it is part guilty pleasure.

Nicolas C (fr) wrote: A spectacular achievement. After a string of gleefully gory and gross movies, Jackson takes a disturbing true crime story and turns it into a compelling drama with incredible lead performances from first time movie actresses and vivid imagery. It turned Jackson and wife Fran Walsh into Oscar nominees and opened the doors to Hollywood

Alex S (br) wrote: This could of been better, but it probably looked better back in the 70's than it does now.

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Kyle S (br) wrote: My second favorite war movie of all time after saving private Ryan the action is great and I love how it shows the humanity in each of the soldiers allowing us as viewers to bond with them I also liked how it showed what it was like for the families back home would highly recommend