Rebellious footballer Johnny, falls for cheerleader Tracy. They come from opposite backgrounds; she's from a comfortable well off family, he is poor and broken. Tracy already has a boyfriend but he acts like a jerk, so Johnny has to win Tracy's heart - something she seems reluctant to let him do.

A rebellious poor and broken footballer pursues an "impossible" romance with a cheerleader from a wealthy, highly respected family. He has to win her heart, something she seems reluctant to let him do. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (es) wrote: Jon M Chu is a terrible director and needs to stop making movies

Terry B (fr) wrote: I love hip-hop so I think all of the Step Up Movies are great except Revolution! It was bad. They just tried to squeeze one more movie out of the series! hahaha (they failed)

Baron V (fr) wrote: Charming, well written, well acted, a good movie all-around. Tea Leoni plays the woman nobody ever likes in these sorts of movies, but even then, she has a scene where you are compelled to at least feel for her character as she shares with her quirky mother her sins, then has a typical teenage meltdown which cements what we already knew. She's one of "those" women. Brilliant scene. Adam Sandler embraces his character, a chef that is on the cusp of fame, yet is a chef's chef, and just wants to serve good food in a good restaurant. Cloris Leachman is careful to not overdo her mother-in-law with a drinking problem character, and becomes one of the many characters in this movie you will love. Best part? "Whatever you do, don't throw the ball. Never throw the ball."All this is a gentle overtone that helps you take your medicine. Beautiful, loving medicine that is the focal point of this movie. An immigrant mother, raising a daughter on her own, with the added pressure of that daughter being well-adjusted to American life and it's language, and seduced by the wonderful lifestyle of John and Deborah Clasky. You cheer for John's success, jeer for Deborah's sins, and become quite melancholy for the eventual tone of reality. Surprising choice by James Brooks to have Sandler be the lead male character, but it worked.

Richard H (nl) wrote: Classic retardedness

Julie K (us) wrote: Kind of corny, but an ok movie.

Jiri B (br) wrote: Probably Woody Allen's best film. The list of support actors is truly remarkable.

Carl S (ag) wrote: This is definitely my favorite Adam Sandler flick. Love this film. I think its a super funny film(especially since Adam Sandler is in it). 10 out of 10 stars.

giselle b (it) wrote: umm algo aburrida, lisa es estresante!!

Lanky Man P (ru) wrote: Interesting plot but it works out. A very dark film.

Andr (mx) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Zero).First viewing: 12.01.1999

Nik M (ca) wrote: There's some sort of an ugly cloud looming over this one. the most forgettable Rocky flick tries to bring Rocky back to his suburban roots, where street fights and bums are his environment. It tries to make some sort of connection in showing how far he's come from Rocky to Rocky V. But not only is it a forgettable plot, there are hardly any characters to connect with. It may count as part of the Rocky franchise, but it certainly doesn't reflect the values behind it.

Collin P (fr) wrote: This is the worst Underworld. They draw away from the previous installments making it feel like a completely different movie. It has recycled plot points and isn't as entertaining as the others.