Reckless Kelly

Reckless Kelly

"Reckless Kelly is the Australian Robin Hood". Kelly is a bank robber, a pop-culture hero and video shop owner. This modern story tells how he is furious when a Japanese company wants to ...

"Reckless Kelly is the Australian Robin Hood". Kelly is a bank robber, a pop-culture hero and video shop owner. This modern story tells how he is furious when a Japanese company wants to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon R (jp) wrote: A look at a world you've very likely never seen. Artists around the world have little problem to rick arrest and even torture for the love of their art. These are artists frustrated with the corporate world rules by money. They just want to get their art out there, make a difference and feel alive. It's a great insight into these wonderful real life characters who speak to things that are basic for all of us. And the music is awesome. There's stuff I've never heard. It's as indie, unique and original as the art work in the film. It makes you realize how fleeting this art is, despite it's greatness. It's an expose and shame we should all feel for living in a world ruled by money.

Gerard E (au) wrote: This sci-fi/horror/action amalgam moves at the clip of the videogames from which it borrows its grind-and-advance narrative mechanics. The plot ? killer plague sees a clutch of the usual genre suspects (cute kid, mysterious bad boy, shifty intellectual etc.) entering cryo-freeze only to awaken and find themselves besieged by alien nasties ? is pure, recycled pulp. It?s a fact done no favours by a reliance on an overstated Sleeping Beauty motif and tedious it?s-all-a-dream-no-it?s-not!-or-is-it? perceptual rug-pulling. But if you?ve ever pined for a film in which autonomous brambles take the form of a botanical dragon and ensnare Edinburgh Castle, King of Thorn will scratch that itch but good.

Jose Miguel G (es) wrote: It does lack some of the freshness that the first one has in its story department, but the charisma of the casting, preserved elements from the first film and the original movies, not to mention a great performance by Benedict Cumberbatch, help stand this follow up out of the mediocrity a lot of sequels suffers.

James L (ca) wrote: Sometimes we get wrapped up in all the silly details of life, and make the details more important then the whole enchilada....The five year engagement presents this wisdom in a fun and entertaining way....and although it's a bit of a long run time, their are an oodle of laughs the whole way through ! 3.5 Stars

nicola (gb) wrote: i was funny movie and a unique story

Katie W (ag) wrote: Very mediocre. Made me think, but mostly because I'm a nut, not because the story was very good. My initial reaction "ok... I guess I could have spent an hour and a half doing worse"

Jukka S (ca) wrote: great atmospheric film with an outstanding line of actors

Amy F (mx) wrote: Falling in love with a cousin that is so much younger than you, you knew things would fall apart

Chris D (ag) wrote: such a cheesy vampire movie, but also one of my favorites. give me a break, i first saw it when i was 12.

Robert H (kr) wrote: Nature runs amok and with style in this film that manages to pit the animals of the wild against every day humans without any use of CGI. This is all in camera, animal trained stuff. While I would have enjoyed a few more maulings and gore when dealing with a budget of 1 mil in the late 70s and trying to make a film open to a wider audience, you tend to leave the uber gore FX at home... that and they weren't exactly prevalent yet ;)If you enjoy films like Ants or Grizzly, Day of the Animals is your cup of tea. Modern audiences may find it a bit slow and lacking but seeing Leslie Nielsen as a bad guy is always a good thing in my books.

Alexander C (us) wrote: Would like to see at some stage. Can't recall this one.

David P (nl) wrote: When I saw the Edward Cahn directed this I had to watch it. I was not disappointed with this horribly awful B-movie fun classic.

Charles P (ag) wrote: Sylvester Stallone, usually so sure of himself, comes across dispirited here, perhaps aware of the fact that he's been suckered into a film that is unfathomably idiotic.