A cop turns vigilante after his family is murdered, exacting vengeance on the killers - and then on all criminals who have slipped through the system.

The film tells the story of a cop who becomes a ruthless vigilante after his family is gunned down by a gang of vicious criminals. First, his target is the killers, and then on all criminals who have slipped through the system. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Recoil torrent reviews

Frank J (de) wrote: I gotta rent this documentary. looks great

Josh W (ca) wrote: So they magically welded the moon together with a nuclear bomb? I'm definitely calling Stephen Baldwin to save the day if the moon ever mysteriously starts to disintegrate.

Bengel W (au) wrote: All kinds of sexual debauchery are portrayed in this movie some seriously and others with a hint of a smile. Actors do a fine job of the script producing a simple film that may have you gob-smacked. Sets compliment the action with laughter behind the building of. Music is sexy and racy adding to the overall intense fun of this screenplay. Nibbles: Eccles cakes and cream.

Jonathan K (au) wrote: Not as dark as ? Soeur! or La Vieille Matresse.

Carlos I (fr) wrote: Such a great thriller. Haven't watched this in a while and it hasn't lost any of its bite. Colin is great in this.

JJ M (jp) wrote: A remarkable story of one of Japan's most famous novelists, represented in four parts, each part covering a vignette of the present Mishima, the past MIshima and a dramatisation of one of his novels. Schrader directs in such an experimental and flamboyant style that he distances himself a little from Mishima's reality. His only saving grace being the powerful music by Philip Glass.

Tom M (kr) wrote: This is Kraftwerk meets Martin Beck; a forensic dissection of nightmarish emptiness. Whilst textbook Freudianism in many respects, this late Bergman film nevertheless maintains an ambiguous power. The narrative resembles a police procedural with the emphasis on psychological interpretation of the crime. The crime being a seemingly 'normal' professional man's killing of a prostitute.This is Bergman in austere mode; a bleak view of one man (Peter Egermann, played by Robert Atzorn) and, by extension, a society, without redemption. It is perhaps notable that he made this film in West Germany in his tax-related exile from Sweden, four years after the seemingly permanent Social Democrat government had been voted out: the previously unquestioned Swedish 'progress' called into doubt; the master-director in exile.He sets Egermann in an efficient 'milieu', a successful professional man with a strong-willed, striking wife. Yet all is far from happy under the surface; their flat is situated high above a somewhat Ballardian autobahn. The stark monochrome captures the urban ennui of early Fassbinder and the British post-punk classic "Radio On". The structure keeps on moving forwards and backwards from the 'catastrophe', using title cards underscored by icy harpsichord stings. Many scenes burn themselves into the mind: the white void of Egermann's murderous dream, the pre-murder buildup where Egermann and victim seem dead already, listless as marionettes. Not recommended for the easily upset or adherents to the 'feelgood' mantra. Wholeheartedly recommended to Psychology students and lovers of European angst and existentialism.

James C (de) wrote: Charming 1980 coming of age flick starring Kristy McNichol (in a truly great performance) and Tatum O'Neal as two girls who meet on the way to summer camp and strike a bet-whoever looses their virginity first wins money put up by one of the other campers. The film turns serious near the end and really becomes great at that point. Very entertaining and memorable.

Pietro D (br) wrote: This is a Shitty Shitty Movie. This movie made me want to gouge out my eyes with bread knives and broom sticks. It should be called Children in Dangerous Situations because that's what happens throughout the movie. I lost consciousness multiple times. My sister informed me that during one of my film-induced fever dreams there was a man who appeared to be wearing facial prosthetics that was inviting the children to partake in lollipops and ice cream. He lured them out into the front yard- running excitedly to the man with the pale face fulfilling their duty as dumb dumb kids - oblivious to the near constant danger and malice orbiting them every moment. This is a disgraceful borderline snuff film and I still haven't recovered. I refuse to let this poison back into my life . Unsuccessful attempt at horseradish not worth any margin of time.

Keith B (kr) wrote: DAmn I love this movie. hope there is more.

Sumanjit R (ca) wrote: The movie starts with a promising plot of modern day Bonnie and Clyde but unfortunately loses its way in the last 30 mins and felt dragged and deviated.