A prosecutor, policemen and teacher bring the students Vuica and Nicu to a restaurant to re-enact their drunken brawl there, and have it filmed to show the effects of alcoholism.

A prosecutor, policemen and teacher bring the students Vuica and Nicu to a restaurant to re-enact their drunken brawl there, and have it filmed to show the effects of alcoholism. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charley G (kr) wrote: It seems Mel Gibson has been away in movie jail since he killed Jesus. Now he's out on parole with Blood Father. Gibson checks in as an ex-con biker who is now clean and sober making an honest living inking up the locals in his dust bowl Indio trailer park. All of that changes when his estranged runway daughter shows up in need of her father's help to outrun the cartel and the cops. It's Gibson's heartfelt performance that earns this gritty late night cable actioner a slot at the multiplex.

mark d (es) wrote: The Manakamana Cable Car (Nepali: ??????? ???? ???) is a gondola lift transportation system located in Chitwan, Nepal. Opened on November 24, 1998, the Manakamana Cable Car runs between Cheres, Chitwan and Manakamana, Gorkha.[1] The 2,772.2 m (9,095 ft) line has two stations. The cable car system was imported from Austria.[

Greg R (au) wrote: So stupid, but it's a b-movie, so I'll give it credit. While watching this movie, you know what your getting in for, you know where the story is going to go, The only reason this was made is to see beautiful girls who over-react. It's a straight up college b-movie.

Keith H (nl) wrote: Don't waste your time

Arlene G (gb) wrote: This movie SUCKED!!! I've never written a bad movie review but I had to in order to save other people from subjecting themselves to such a waste of time. Such a shame because I love Katherine McPhee. That's the last time my husband goes the the movie rental place without me!!!

Malachia J (mx) wrote: Appropriately named movie...definitely SICK

Kristina K (it) wrote: One of the most tragic films I've seen, based of real events. The movie is very well done, very realistic and the actors did a great job. So sad, so powerful.

Halimi H (fr) wrote: Fuhhhh, penuh tragis.

Andrew A (gb) wrote: Lulls you into a false sense of security with it's cheery start, ends up being pretty sinister. Quality British film.

Mindy S (de) wrote: Pretty funny film. Kate Hudson was great in this early start to her career...and I absolutely love Paul Rudd in anything he does!

John S (jp) wrote: Cool motorcycle movmentry-movie/documentary. Like that word, I should trademark it.

John P (nl) wrote: This movie doesn't fuck around.Are you kidding me? It's 67 minutes long. You could take a bath in the amount of time it takes this movie to begin and end. And that's great.So, it's about this guy who writes a slogan for a contest, and is tricked into thinking he won the $25k grand prize. Hilarity ensues. Now, you'd think with a running time so short, things would seem rushed. Not so. Preston Sturges manages to juggle around a bunch of memorable characters, several gags, and convey some serious pathos all before coming through with an ending that you can see coming, but works all the same. Dick Powell and Ellen Drew are great as the lead characters, making you believe in them from the first minute they're onscreen. None of the performances are ever too over the top to digest, and no one really shows anyone up. It's all well-done and extremely watchable.So, I can only imagine that there are hundreds of movies like this one. But this is special because it gets everything done in a concise, yet complete way. And none of it ever feels overly sentimental or too predictable. It's a fairy tale for the Depressed set, and it's worth the hour it'll take to watch it.

Nick B (es) wrote: This was an obvious attempt at a return to form by Ritchie at a low point both personally and professionally. Does it work? Yes and no, but mostly no. The cast of characters is charismatic and well portrayed, the dialogue sharp. The story... is as convoluted as anything I've ever seen. Despite their large ensemble casts and their intertwining stories, "Lock Stock..." and "Snatch" have an impressive economy of plot and are never confusing. The same can't be said for this film. It's all over the place in a very bad way. A sad case of too much being more than enough.