A woman murders her husband, upon his return home after a long absence, with the complicity of the lover who has relieved her loneliness. Costas Ghoussis, an emigrant recently returned to his native country, is coming back from the fields, a shovel on his shoulder. He pushes open the garden gate in front of his house and calls his wife: Eleni! She does not answer; the reason: she is hidden behind the door of the kitchen with another man, Christos, a gamekeeper, the lover that she took during her husband's absence. Just as Costas crosses the threshold he is attacked and strangled. Despite their precautions, a relative of the victim suspects them and alerts the police. The criminals confess their crime. The reconstruction is that of the examining magistrate, whose inquiries are interspersed with sequences of the crime - although the actual murder is never shown - and with a social documentary which a TV unit (including the director himself) is making about the crime and the village.

A woman murders her husband, upon his return home after a long absence, with the complicity of the lover who has relieved her loneliness. Costas Ghoussis, an emigrant recently returned to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy Y (gb) wrote: A riveting phenomena, and that is enough to keep staring at the screen wondering, 'wow'... these guys don't seem bizarre- is there something to this(?)... but as a documentary, it is quite flat and does not build to anything significant. Also likely hurt in that it focused on the moderate Bronies- this may have made it easier for audience to relate, but it may have been more interesting with the fanatics.

Aritra S (ca) wrote: I never thought the Dabanng girl would get any movie that would require her screen presence for more than 15 mins. Lootera is that kind of cinema which was not much explored in Bollywood before. A slow paced but beautifully crafted movie around O'Henry's the Last Leaf, Lootera is that love story which will make you happy and sad. After all thats what love stories are supposed to be.Set in 1950s, lootera is story of a zamindar's young daughter who falls in love with an archeologist who enters as guest in their house. But Mr. guest is more than what meets the eye.I think it is that kind of movie which is better seen than heard by others. Go watch it.I felt little dissappointed though how the last leaf felt little forced in the story, but saved by amit trivedi's powerful sweet music and main leads.Ah one last thing, vidya balan may not recieve the best performance award this year as it belongs to someone else!

Senthil K (es) wrote: Really Fantsatic Movie...Dis year blockbuster movie Nanban...Dont Miss it..compared to 3idoits, Nanban is Good...

Dave R (gb) wrote: Well it was pretty sucky thats for sure kinda rip off of twlight there cheesy for sure B movie all the way so low bugget movie

Karsh D (us) wrote: For the most part, it is a tired film about a tired couple who want to try and spice up their sex life. Goes predictably wrong then ends happily. Predictably so.

bill s (jp) wrote: Good money was spent on the production values but little effort was put into a script.

Andr D (it) wrote: Yeah Baby! Mike Myers retoma esas cintas y series de televisin inglesas llenas de psicodelia de los aos 60 ("James Bond", "Harry Palmer", "Get Carter", "Our Man Flint", "What's New Pussycat", "Casino Royale", "The Avengers", "The Persuaders", "Jason King" y "Matt Helm", entre muchas otras) y crea a un personaje fantstico: polticamente incorrecto, hipersexuado y vulgar, quien lucha contra el malfico Dr. Evil (otro maravilloso personaje creado e interpretado por Myers). "Austin Powers" es una cinta superficial, estpida y ramplona? La respuesta es s. Pero tambin es muy entretenida.

Bryan E (jp) wrote: This is an odd film. There are some elements that feel like a family film and then switches over to a gory werewolf film. The werewolf practical effects are great until they use CGI for the transformation sequence, which looks terrible. Overall, a German Sheppard vs. Werewolf movie, though ridiculous premise, it is a bit epic.

Phillip C (it) wrote: Accurate communication of how creepy the novel is (and how uncomfortable it makes you feel).

James M (gb) wrote: Cold war nonsense which as a child I found tiresome.

Alan Z (ru) wrote: It's a charming piece of entertainment. But overhanded as well as colorful.

N M (ca) wrote: Great performances, great score. Wonderfully cynical jazz era themed musical about ladies on murderer's row and their crafty lawyer. Not a single love song! Lots of fun while still touching on the serious theme of the cult of celebrity. Toronto looks great as a stand in for Chicago - especially the scenes filmed in the architecturally striking Gothic Don Jail.

Anthony C (ag) wrote: Although not the most exhilarating Bond movie, GoldenEye introduces the brilliant Pierce Brosnan to the role, and has some top-notch action too.

Brandon D (fr) wrote: A fun and somewhat cheesy action film that hides some intriguing depth in the mythology and beautiful cinematography.

Cedric L (fr) wrote: Better-than-average horror movie.

Chad D (br) wrote: Annoying cinematography sidetracks an otherwise enthralling thriller. At times the attempt at satire pushes too hard and comes off heavy handed, but the intrigue of its satire-laden and thrilling plotline make 15 Minutes a decent thriller.

Chris R (au) wrote: Acting lesson for the Canadians and marksmen ship practice for the Taliban desperately needed.

Summer H (gb) wrote: this is our all time fav childhood movie...we used to watch it with our Father all the time along with Angelo my love...our Fathers copies have gone missing...Fantastic movie...closed to home and the heart...