It deals with the life of Alan Hamilton (played by David Tennant), the former head of a construction firm, after he receives serious personality-changing brain injuries in a car accident, and the emotional feeling of his family. Tricia, his wife (played by Sarah Parish) struggles because the man she knew has gone. Throughout the programme she tries to bring him back through memories, photographs, her sons and herself.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:brain damage,  

Alan and Tricia Hamilton are very happy. He's the head of a building firm and on top of his game. She's a part-time beautician and mother to their two sons. One day their perfect, if ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kieran H (mx) wrote: This is one underrated gem. This could be better than it is. This film is better than it is given credit for.

Karen H (gb) wrote: rewatched 2015-05-16

Jeremy N (de) wrote: It's been a week and I still am dumbfounded by this movie. Part of me is proud that I found something so terrible and nearly unwatchable as to render my GF and I speechless. But part of me is a bit saddened, because of all the horribly awful movies that the two of us have watched, there is a fair chance we may never top this for sheer ridiculous banality. Could it be that we have reached the apex of our movie watching with this piece of garbage? The thought of this never getting topped by something equally as confusing, stupid and laughably idiotic makes tomorrow's light just a bit dimmer.

Matthew P (ca) wrote: Like any road trip; can we just get to our destination, already?!

Brett H (gb) wrote: Definition of a by-the-numbers police thriller with an over-the-hill hero, comedic sidekick, forced romance, and offers very little in the ways of originality. Clint Eastwood is still a commanding presence on-screen at 71, and the role of a detective with heart complications suits his current state. The writing is both good and bad with some interesting turns, but most you see coming leagues before the characters do and I knew who the killer was ten minutes in based on casting alone. This is apparently a world where only one person has ever tried robbing a gas station with a ski-mask, which is what gets the whole plot going and I'm calling bullshit on that! There's also an unnecessary and completely unfunny latino stereotype cop who is apparently a stand-up comic...couldn't stand this guy and wanted him to be offed as soon as he opened his mouth. There's nothing here you haven't seen before and I've said it once and I'll say it again, STOP CASTING BIG NAME ACTORS IN INSIGNIFICANT ROLES, WE'RE NOT IDIOTS!

Jeremy B (us) wrote: Even for a fan of 'B' sci fi, this movie smacked too much of "Inner Space" which is a childhood favourite of mine so stealing its premise was very much a no-no in my book. Still, the presence of Lance Henriksen, our favourite Bishop from Aliens, made me watch this movie all the way through in case he decided to whip out a combat knife and nearly cut Bill Paxton's fingers off (he wasn't in this movie, but you never know when an actor might do a cameo).

Wendy A (br) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. It moves at a slower pace then most movies do today. Its not cut like a music video. It matches the time and space these two charachter's live. The charachters come off as bizarre or socially inept sometimes, but I found them to be endearing. I was really impressed by Guy Pearce and Lili Taylor.

Mark H (nl) wrote: A big ball of turgid sucknasty. Wooden acting, predictable plotting, filmed in Vancouver.

margaret d (ag) wrote: funny patrick movie but still love him

Jason D (gb) wrote: Video Violence is a shot-on-video, no budget film from the 80's that (gasp) actually entertains. While the quality of video and acting is akin to that of a commercial or soap opera in that time period, Video Violence manages to build a sense of dread and unease that we usually only see in the classics. The story is about a video store owner and his wife who haven't lived in the town of Boro for very long, but have managed to notice that the entire town acts a bit weird around them. It turns out, the town is inhabited by psychotic maniacs who crave violence so much that they've grown tired of all of the horror films out there and have started filming their own horror films, namely snuff movies where non-residents suffer grisly and gory deaths, mostly at the hands of Eli and Howard, two men who make a game out of their video shoots. Can the couple find out what's going on before they become dead meat? Like I said, this movie was a HUGE surprise. Most people will instantly be turned off by the poor quality of dated video (especially when you see bits of bad reception on the above average DVD transfer) and amateur acting, but the movie is saved thanks to a great concept and chilling story. The music is a bit too heavy on the 80's synthesizer side, but aspects of it reminded me of vintage John Carpenter music. Excellent use of black humor without overdoing it. Overall, a very nice surprise.

Paul M (au) wrote: Quite a surreal take on WIP movies with a good performance from Meiko Kaji. Released in 1972, I think, it does come across a bit dated but is still a very good piece of exploitation cinema.

Tanner B (fr) wrote: Dances with Wolves (1990) ????Literate, magnificent saga detailing loner Kevin Costner and his very subtle relationship with the natives and surroundings around his nostalgic Civil War commanding post. Not a false note in characterization or period detail, this fascinating, evocative, painful film packs an emotional wallop. Academy Award wins for Picture, Direction, Screenplay, Cinematography, others. Impressive directorial debut for Costner.

Darian H (fr) wrote: This is one of the worst movies of 2013! So 1/10 and F