On friday night five young friends turning into a nightmare when the driver of their vehicle plows into a pregnant woman and a mysterious "doctor" appears out of the blue to help. Once in the doctor's "office," however, the friends realize they've stumbled into the darkest business imaginable a market in recycled body parts, some of which could turn out to be theirs.

A Jordanian family man living in the hometown of Muslim leader Al-Zarqawi struggles to support his family and define his identity in a tense political climate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Recycle torrent reviews

Aaron C (it) wrote: Looks good, definitely want to hear the truth instead of Al Gore's lies.

Daniel S (br) wrote: An excellent, subtly Lovecraftian short that makes beautiful use of a haunting, lonely atmosphere. The climax could be argued to reveal perhaps just a LITTLE too much, but enough is left unspoken and implied to satisfy at least me.

Ethan P (au) wrote: Eagle Eye is thrilling and eery, but even with its interesting central idea, it is pretty average as a movie overall.

John W (ca) wrote: This is the second film in the 'Boogeyman' series. Better than the first, but still very derivative.

Ana G (br) wrote: arf... comment dire... un gros remake de tout un tas de films d'horreur... mais des acteurs tellement nuls... vraiment si vous avez rien d'autre voir !

Andrea B (de) wrote: you have to be a crispin glover fan to enjoy this movie <3

Darryl S (es) wrote: Loving sexual passion at its most honest and lyrical -- at least as I've ever seen it depicted in film. A truly moving contemporary expression of (almost) star-crossed love and the universe that simply must give way to it. A portrait of transcendent intimacy that manages to stay totally earthly. Like real love itself, that's the wonder here.

Joo Miguel R (mx) wrote: I wish I could love his film because Zombie has all the charisma to make good horror movies, specially slashy ones. And this one has slasher a lot. But thats it, not more. Apart from the distinct Zombie visuals (with those Harley Quinn egos, bizarre characters, festy visuals, etc) that might please fans, 31 is far from the best i have seen from the director. Gore to please fans (reminder this one was made with fans money) nothing more we can extract from here, besides the good ensemble cast.

Kyle B (es) wrote: Janet McTeer is great and some of the music is nice but overall it is a bit of a bore. Great costumes though

Russ B (ca) wrote: 9/3/2015: Considering the high marks this film had, I was very disappointed. The same story told with three endings based on the possible choices the main character had. The best thing was the fact that it was a reasonably short film.

Guy W (ag) wrote: Trippy, not as good as the TV show.

Joseph H (us) wrote: This film is hated because it disrespects some of the characters from the first two films but Alien 3 is not that bad of a film. Alien 3 is a perfect example of how movie series should be. Movies shouldn't save characters just because they are fan favorites. The plot of the Alien movie series is this woman wakes up from a nightmare into an even worse nightmare and thats what Alien 3 states and just makes the Sci-Fi horror series even scarier!

Nicki M (kr) wrote: Took me till 2016 to finally see this. Not as shocking or sleazy as expected. Aside from the scene everyone talks about. Actually a bit dull. Sliver was better tacky 90's viewing.