An older, reclusive man's best friend and inspiration for living is his 14-year-old dog named "Red". When three troublesome teens kill the dog for no good reason, the grieving man sets out for justice and redemption by whatever means available to him.

A reclusive man sets out for justice and redemption when three troublesome teens kill his dog for no good reason. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emma P (de) wrote: this was one of the worst "horror" movies i've ever watched. not only was the acting terrible, but it wasn't even scary! all the makeup they used on her looked fake as hell. and a lot of the scenes were totally unrealistic--there is NO way her friend would've kissed her/that guy would've fucked her with that nasty ass rotten skin around her lips! with better acting, better make-up artists and more educated plot writers, this movie would've been tolerable. please don't waste your time on this movie like i did!

Komal S (fr) wrote: Very few Indian movies allow you to truly question its conclusion and Kurbaan was definitely one of them; the sense of unpredictability kept my full attention throughout the movie. Definitely the most realistic, gripping Indian "Islam-US terrorism" movie produced so far. The direction of this film is notable, especially for an Indian film; it captured more emotion and thrill than the average Hindi film portrays. Kirron Kher did an excellent job as she always does in her supporting role, especially in this film. Her acting in this film has left a notable impression. Kareena Kapoor also performed well for the mature main role she held and Saif also proved his flexibility and talent by performing his serious role very well. Whether it was the accumulation of tension or the acting their last scene was actually touching and actually brought tears to my eyes. The story wasn't too bad either; it had its share of dull surprises and carried an element of unpredictability, even though it was small. Kurbaan is a serious watch explaining a very serious, relevant concept, that you should seriously watch.

roger t (mx) wrote: recommended by ghw12158....

Tyler Y (jp) wrote: While strong in it's message, I feel that the only reason I can stand this movie is because I fit into it's target demographic of Christians. Besides that, I feel that the lackluster camerawork, and barely passable acting really drag this film down. Three stars is a bias and somewhat generous.

Dana C (ca) wrote: I just picked this off the rack and watched it. It did keep me entertained for 90 minutes, but it was quite predictable and had that feeling of "if the characters didn't insist on being dumb, none of this ever would have happened". It did make me laugh a couple times though.

Jennifer Q (de) wrote: Attention, rvlations sur l'intrigue!J'aime bien ce film! Le film et trs intressant. Quand j'ai commenc ce film, je n'tais pas prt pour un complot maniaque. J'avais pens le film est une histoire d'amour typique mais j'ai t surpris quand il y avait le coup de thtre. Le complot est un peu confus certains moments, mais l'histoire va commencer donner un sens la fin. Anglique est un personnage fou et tordu, mais les bons acteurs et actrices, y compris Audrey Tautou comme Anglique et Samuel Le Bihan comme Loic, faisaient les caractres raliste et crdible pour les spectateurs. En gnral, je recommande ce film d'autres personnes et j'espre qu'ils sont prpars pour un choc! J'espre que vous l'aimez, au revoir!

Turtleboy G (de) wrote: Another really good Adam Sandler comedy. It tells the great story of a golfer very well. The acting was really good, and the cast was set very well. This is by far the best Adam Sandler comedy ever made. In my opinion, this is another movie that the critics got wrong. It should definitely be viewed by any golf fan and or comedy fan.

Kirstie A (us) wrote: I first watched this movie when i found out k.d lang starred in it and this movie made me feel different to what other movies made me feel.

Brian C (kr) wrote: Christmas Evil is a fun story about a man who loves Christmas; but hates how everyone is naughty and not nice.Eventually the factory toy-maker is pushed too far and he decides to takes things into his own hands. Blood is spilled, gifts are given, and the white van with a Christmas sleigh painted on it, flies off into the moonlight.Not very well acted, but the story is actually pretty decent. Harry is actually sympathetic and likable.

Giovanni M (ca) wrote: Dependent on potty humor, overused innuendo, and unfunny gags, A Haunted House isn't the worst spoof movie out there but it still scrapes the bottom of the barrel.

Brock S (us) wrote: i'm black ya'll and i'm black ya'll.

Loyal D (de) wrote: This movie is very good. It is funny and exciting. It's very memorable. This is one of Kevin Smiths best movies in my opinion.

harley d (de) wrote: Awesome film, a bloody action sequence after a bloody action sequence. Violent and simple. Fast paced but satisfying. 87% easy.

Bradford G (au) wrote: Simple and heartfelt movie about the bond between a widower and his gay son (both looking for love). A bit hokey at times, but sweetly done. And Crowe is certainly the quintessential fantasy straight-acting gay (before he became telephone throwing tabloid fodder).