Red Army/PFLP: Declaration of World War

Red Army/PFLP: Declaration of World War

It was a milestone of film as activism, cinema as movement in Japan’s context. Adachi and Wakamatsu went to Beirut on the way back from the Cannes Film Festival. There, in collaboration with the Red Army members and PFLP, they produced this newsreel film depicting the everyday activities of Arab guerrillas as a cinematic narrative on the world revolution

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Red Army/PFLP: Declaration of World War torrent reviews

Siddharth K (ag) wrote: Could have been better

Mlissa A (de) wrote: Aprs l'avoir ecouter, j'ai branche mon 64 et jai joue a Tony Hawk ! :P

Ian G (mx) wrote: I'm really torn about this film. on one hand, it stars the evil and sinister Dani Filth, as well as featuring tracks from Cradle of Filth's Midian album, as well as an abundance of gore, boobs and schlocky humor. On the other hand, it's complete and utter trash. Too long, nonsensical storyline, "once seen, can't be unseen" nudity, and amputee sex. Did I mention amputee sex? if you are the perfect storm kind of person who enjoys COF's music, over the top gore and can overlook gaping plot and continuity craters, see this. Otherwise, steer clear!

Silke B (ru) wrote: Very edgy, with a girlish charme. Nice flow.

Pietra T (ag) wrote: When I originally first viewed this film year ago, it struck me to be quite morbid, a bit frightening with a twinge of sarcasm. Ironically year later, I find myself suffering with the very same disease Christine Lahti's charactor suffers with and dies from (Systemic Lupus). As a fully developed adult now, I can see the inner meaning of this flick and if you too enjoy venturing into the unknown waters of cinematic wonders....then this is definitely a film to add to your collection. It is most meaningful to me now. You will likely enjoy the abstract contrast of each charactor as they interact and find yourself tranformed into somebody else's life experience. A definite must see!

Lambert L (nl) wrote: Yes, everyone panned the movie, and watching it, you can see why they did, but in the end the silly parts of the movie are harmless, whereas the the outstanding parts of the film are unique, and make it, for a lot of us, worthwhile entertainment. What is outstanding? Dan Aykroyd is excellent in the film and doesn't miss a beat. Plus, - this will be your only chance to see Kim Basinger when she was young, and so intriguing and attractive, in a rare, light-hearted role. That alone makes the film special. (Yes, I used the word.) Steven MIll's daughter (Alyson Hannigan) does well, as does the dog, so the film is easy enough to watch. Finally, at this point in time (2013), there is a refreshing innocence and lack of technical sophistication present, because the movie was made in 1988, before a lot of bad things happened and before the global financial stress became manifest...

Kali K (it) wrote: So excited to watch this - Jazz is one of my passions.

Tom D (nl) wrote: welcome to the town of hellview!

Shonna N (ca) wrote: This was my first Mario Bava movie, and his famous 2nd film. His dark, slow, foggy scenes are terrifying. The possessions are very macabre, and all of the rich underground crypts have realistic details. I was enthralled from the beginning. Even though it was filmed in the 60s before modern special effects - this is better than any of our cheesy horror movies today. 5 stars

Vickie V (br) wrote: Saturday night old scary movie :-)

Nikhil M (ca) wrote: A perfect crime committed in an even more perfect way. Those 25 minutes when the heist stakes place shows how masterful Jules Dassin's direction is. Not even a word is spoken in that particular scene but its impact is very deep.

Cal V (ca) wrote: The greatest satire to come out that year that also happens to be a horror movie. A truly brilliant and underrated movie.

bloody w (br) wrote: oh boy we all remember the 80s teen films and this is usually one of the front runners along with the breakfast club. all though not one of John Hughes best. I did find this film to have its moments and if you watch closely it does have some decent themes and take away messages in it as well. although it can be blurred with racial stereotypes. drunk stereotypes. and female stereotypes and there were some very questionable scenes in this movie. some of which suggest date rape and stashatory situations but in the midst of those flaws you still come through with a movie that can be enjoyed and understood because after all its pure 80s cheese