Red Dirt Rising

Red Dirt Rising

Based on a true story, this film shares with us a decade in the lives of Jimmie Lewallen and his wife Carrie as they experience the joys of love and marriage alongside the tragedies of war...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:king,   widow,   marriage,  

Based on a true story, this film shares with us a decade in the lives of Jimmie Lewallen and his wife Carrie as they experience the joys of love and marriage alongside the tragedies of war... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melancholy P (kr) wrote: Oh my God! How do you botch up a book adaptation this badly?Okay, let me just rephrase that. How does your franchise with relative characters, zany mischief, and comedic gold turn into the exact opposite?! My biggest complaint, of course, are the characters. The worst offenders are the two main characters, Angeline and especially Jamie. In the books, Jamie was a selfish, psychotic, obsessive brat, and Jim Benton, the author of the books, knew that and made fun of it. Here, Jamie is a selfish brat, and that's about it. The movie doesn't seem aware of it, which makes this version of Jamie unbearable. Angeline in the book is a perfect girl with a bad record- an angel outside, but a devil inside. Here, she's a Mary-Sue. You can't compete with her. She is literally God. And Isabella... Sweet, sweet Isabella, my favorite character in the books. What happened? She's so despicable in this movie, I just wanted to puke.My other complaint are the musical numbers. Here's a note, producers: Not every kids film needs a musical number every two minutes. I'd be fine with these numbers if 1:) They didn't occur at random every two minutes and 2:) IF THEY WEREN'T THE LENGTH OF YOUR AVERAGE PHARRELL WILLIAMS SONG! I'm not joking; the songs here are literally two-and-a-half to three minutes long! God damn! Overkill much?!Then we get to the plot, one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. A jump-a-thon to get the art program to stay. Jamie and Angeline sign up. They raise money. Isabella wastes it on contacts. Jump-a-thon arrives. Angeline can't hold the rope and jump. Jamie helps her win.Not enough plot? Or should I say PLOTS?! Yeah, there're three of them. It involves Aunt Carol (Jamie's aunt) and the assistant principal getting engaged (Spoilers: Angeline and Jamie are now related), and the climax- Jamie losing her diary. Wow... what a moving climax, am I right?It should also be noted that the editing is atrocious! I know Hallmark isn't a super big production, but I expect a hell of a lot better editing than this. The jump-cuts are irritating and obvious, and the special effects are done wrong. Hell, they couldn't even get the green screen effect right."BUT THIS IS A KIDS FILM! WHAT WERE YOU EXPECTING?!"A lot more maturity and dignity than this. You know, like Ramona and Beezus. Just because it's a kids film doesn't mean it has to have shallow characters, dumb plots, and a cheap budget. Disney is a huge example of this.Overall, don't even bother watching this. It's a waste of time. Read the books instead.

Roman R (gb) wrote: No hay otra forma de describir "Dracula 3D" mas que como incompetente. Su guin, direccin, actuaciones y efectos especiales son verdaderamente infames por lo que sorprende que haya sido dirigida por alguien con tanta experiencia como Dario Argento. La historia sigue los eventos del libro pero contiene secuencia risibles (una de mis favoritas involucra a Dracula convertido en un Mantis gigante)."Dracula 3D" es una vergenza para todos los involucrados (incluidos los actores, quienes han sido buenos en otras pelculas). Su peor crimen es que logra ser aburrida a pesar de sus ridiculeces.

Zachary K (nl) wrote: Great low budget film.

Robert B (ag) wrote: Guy Pearce is a haunted Psychiatrist with a dark past. One night he encounters Helena Bonham Carter falling off of a bridge during a storm. She forgets who she is, but perhaps there's more to it than that. Excellent acting and consistent direction are the strengths of this film. It was definitely watchable, if predictable, and maybe less significant than it thought it was. If you stumble across this film watch it, but I wouldn't recommend running out to find it.

Roy S (kr) wrote: More like UnderRATED Blues! Forgive my Gene Shallotism, but I really liked this movie years ago when I first saw it and I still do. Why this movie did not do better is a bit surprising. I suppose because it violates a couple rules of romantic comedy. First, not only are the principles married but have a child that is very present. The second, even more unforgivable violation is the couple is very happy with each other at the beginning, at the end, and at every point in between. No obligatory split-up about an hour into the flick like in almost EVERY OTHER ROM-COM MADE.

Nich O (jp) wrote: Cyborg Cop is one of the greatest of a specific kind of bad action movie from the early 90s. There is no camp, no irony, no winking smirk at the audience or acknowledgement of budget constraints. Everything about this movie is so serious and stunningly non-self aware that it is truly a thing of beauty. The titular Cyborg may get 5 minutes of screen time. Watching people terrified as they hold themselves back from escaping his staggering gait is delightful. He punches his hand through a guy's head. The look on the guys face is priceless. Science!The love roller coaster between Bradley and Shaw features some of the bar nothing worst acting ever. I've seen this movie a dozen times and it still fills me with joy, this kind of bad movie just can't be made anymore. Smug cynical self awareness is so prevalent these days that you simply won't find any new movies this poor who appear to be gunning for Oscars with their overreaching eagerness.

Scott R (de) wrote: A psychological thriller with grainy film to make you sick to your stomach. Basically, it's unforgettable.