Red Dust

Red Dust

Dennis Carson has lived in Indochina all his life, only leaving his rubber plantation for an occasional fling in Saigon. His new surveyor, Gary Willis, and his wife Barbara arrive just as Vantine, a prostitute who has been lying low at the plantation is leaving. Vantine is in love with Dennis, whom she calls "Fred," but he only thinks of her as a pleasant diversion. Dennis is annoyed that Gary has brought his wife. Barbara is shocked and contemptuous of Dennis until he nurses Gary back to health after an attack of malaria.

The owner of a rubber plantation becomes involved with the new wife of one of his employees. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam T (kr) wrote: This film doesn't do much that hasn't been done in other Aussie movies but Guy Pearce infuses it with the same laconic moodiness he conveyed expertly in 'The Proposition', 'Memento', and 'Jack Irish'. It also feels a bit too much like a retread of Mad Max in its 'lone warrior' scenario

Aakash G (br) wrote: another nonsense hindi movie with an awful story....seriously,"saale drameebaaz sab yhaa"!!

Peter B (de) wrote: Ah yes, JCVD will always conjure up nostalgic memories of watching his flicks with the old man growing up. I will always have a soft spot for him, and enjoyed this so-so effort that I let off the hook for many of its assinine plot holes and oversights. Still a fun popcorn movie, and fans of him will definitely get a kick out of it. You must simply know what you're getting into. Anyone watching a DTV JCVD flick that don't...well you get what you deserve. Haha.

John A (jp) wrote: Some stories just get progressively worse and just end and the Director did a great job of sticking with it. This is an emotional roller coaster and reminiscent of struggles growing up. Some might not find this appealing but I think it's a great love story that takes place within the working poor. Remove affluent or prestige and you'll genuine relationships. I want to see more stories like this.

Patricio D (ca) wrote: Not bad, not good either. Some car chases and a few nice stunts, but kinda boring at the end. it could've been some much more it was.

Kcee R (us) wrote: Natre's scary as hell. The twist was also really awesome.

Daniel Otto Jack P (jp) wrote: I remember liking this a whole lot more the first time round. The Scottish setting and British cast are a plus (though the pantomime baddie soldier is laughable, but not in that fun of a way). The werewolves are positively elegant looking, the best thing about the film. Some of the banter's not bad, some is painful. Pretty good gore in a sort of over the top B-movie way. And a decent little twist that you can see coming. What really lets it down though is the descent into sheer action movie, and not the good kind - it's sub-par war action type stuff. Really, really boring in that regard. If you're a werewolf junkie/connoisseur, however, it's worth seeing just for the glimpses of the werewolves .

David F (br) wrote: Paradise Lost 2 picks up the story of the murder of three children in Arkansas in 1993 and the three teenagers who were convicted of the crime despite numerous problems with the case against them and an atmosphere which one, Damien Echols, described as a 'second Salem'. There is much more gripping material included in this film as the convicted killers fruitlessly appeal their sentences while further information about some of the people involved in the case comes to light.

David J (jp) wrote: If you like Bottom, you'll like this film. Very funny if a little ridiculous. Well worth watching for any Bottom fan.

MEC r (nl) wrote: This movie is ok. Nothing that spectacular though.

Eduardo C (it) wrote: Diabolical and Devious playboy Rock Hudson does it to Doris Day, while hapless Tony Randall alternately despises and admires him for getting away with murder. Wait! Isn't that the plot of "Pillow Talk"? Yes it is ! Basically the same plot and the same characters and both are absolutely hilarious.