Red Eagle

Red Eagle

Year 2016, Bangkok is a rotten capital infested with chaos and criminals. Widespread corruption by politicians has dipped the moral compass to a new low, and the government's hasty plan to construct a nuclear power plant has spread fears among villagers and enivironmental activists. Amidst the mood of despair, a hero emerges. He goes after filthy politicians and vile criminals, handing out his own brand of justice when the law fails to fuction. No one knows his true identity. Every time he kills, he leaves a name card which says: The Red Eagle. But Red Eagle is a hunter who's also being hunted. An assassin, called Black Devil, has been sent by a crime lord to kill him. As his past returns to haunt him, the tortured hero is facing a conflict that will decide not just his own destiny, but the destiny of his entire nation.

Year 2016, Bangkok is a rotten capital infested with chaos and criminals. Widespread corruption by politicians has dipped the moral compass to a new low... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex B (jp) wrote: Hilarious!!! Very well done :)

Jason V (ru) wrote: Meh. Thor: Tales of Asgard isn't a great movie, but it's not terrible either. It's Thor Lite, Teenage Thor, Kiddie Thor, Thor 90210. The animation looks about on par with the rest of the Marvel animated movie line, though the voice actors (especially Thor and Loki) have distractingly British accents. I keep coming back to one question: is this a story anyone really needed to see? With the live action Thor film and his various appearances, I'd say no. We know who this person is, generally speaking. Head strong, bullish...we don't need to see him disobey his father and cause a major problem like other young characters have done before. Ultimately, there is too much going on here and not enough emotional resonance. Thor does almost everything wrong in this film and, in the end, he is forgiven because of one good decision.

Brian R (kr) wrote: Hmmmmm. Nothing to say. Speechless

randy b (au) wrote: Got to luv Roselyn Sanchez. Very hot!

Giorgio P (mx) wrote: Magnolia is over whelming (maybe sometimes in a bad way) but it has great performances and writing. You have to give P T Anderson credit for making a three hour multi dimentional drama that didnt lose its grip or bored me.

Frit C (it) wrote: Philip Seymour Hoffman as Capote and Richard Attenborough as Christie. Similarities, eh... but I must say Attenborough was great in this film. Jon Hurt, another great performance. Crime/thriller fans would like this. There's a lot of psychology involve, tension, eeriness (brought about by the lack of background music, the cinematography, especially the sudden zoom in on characters, and the performance of Attenborough, himself) The flawed judicial system should be noted, too. Great film, deserved some thumbs up.

Miguel R (ca) wrote: Escape from Alcatraz is an effective prison drama, retelling in thrilling detail the famous escape from Alcatraz

Naomi B (nl) wrote: Very powerful for Julia Roberts

Ana V (us) wrote: La existencia, el tiempo y su juego, nuestro inevitable destino: la muerte. Una peli sobre nosotros.

Zechariah H (jp) wrote: Valkyrie serves as a good platform for the true story of a group of germans that refused to submit to Nazi Germany, that absolutely needed to be shared. While admittedly the English accents get annoying, Valkyrie boasts some great performances, beautiful cinematography, and a tone that emphasizes a sense of urgency at every turn in the film. Valkyrie is worth checking out