Red Faction: Origins

Red Faction: Origins

In the year 2125, Alec Mason led the Martian Colonies to freedom in the hit action game Red Faction: Guerrilla. Now, Syfy and THQ are teaming up to continue the saga of conflict on Mars 25 years later in an all-new Original Movie, Red Faction: Origins. Stargate Universe's Brian J. Smith stars as Jake Mason, son of revolutionary hero Alec Mason (Terminator 2's Robert Patrick) and a Red Faction ranger. Fighting to preserve Martian freedom, Jake encounters a powerful new enemy in a dangerous and mysterious group led by the charismatic Adam Hale (Torchwood's Gareth David-Lloyd) and holding secrets that will rock the Mason clan. Jake must now battle the relentless regime and somehow reunite a family torn apart by war. Red Faction: Origins also stars Battlestar Galactica's Kate Vernon and The Tudors' Tamzin Merchant, and will feature music from Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica).

On a Mars colony in the year 2145, an officer in a rebel militia discovers that his sister, who was abducted a dozen years before, is still alive and has been raised as a soldier whose goal is to bring about the destruction of her brother's faction. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Red Faction: Origins torrent reviews

Nick H (nl) wrote: The characters are annoyingly loquacious bordering on absurdly garrulous.

Natacha L (br) wrote: This is a well made animation with just enough darkness not to be dull. The situation is interesting and though we know where it's headed, we can enjoy the ride there.

Ryan W (es) wrote: Lame and irritating. This movie may have been good if there were a better director and better acting... Filled with scare fails, the story is somewhat interesting but all in all its a bad film.

blair k (au) wrote: I don't know if many people have even heard of this movie but I thought it was quite moody and interesting. has a gritty feel to it that seems very realistic. I has a great twist that I definitely didn't see coming.

Stephanie O (ru) wrote: Brillant movie!! A new look at the Holocaust!! A movie that needed to be made!!

Eric N (es) wrote: Idunno, it was pretty good but Shawshank it ain't. Pretty brutal watch at times - not much levity or entertainment value, but I can't say anything's wrong with it. Maybe I wished for better action coming from Ringo Lam. It's just a drama, and as far as asian drama's heights can reach, this wasn't all that. But I was genuinely interested how it would turn out at the climax.

Jo S (ag) wrote: A fluff piece. I just love watching James Garner in action.

Simon T (ca) wrote: Funny yet slightly scary.

Freddie F (jp) wrote: An existential nightmare about a man coming to terms with the imminence of his eventual death. An overlooked and undervalued classic. One of the greatest American films ever made.

David D (ca) wrote: A stylized, and fairly stylish, action film. Decent action, exaggeratedly unrealistic fight scenes, spurts of blood that are equally unrealistic exaggerations, stereotypical cardboard characters, demonstrations of the stupidity and ineffectiveness of both the War on Drugs and "border security", all combine to make this a fine guilty pleasure type entertainment. It was fun to watch and might be worth watching again some day.