Red Flag

Red Flag

Writer/director/star Alex Karpovsky, a familiar face to indie filmgoers, reveals his sterling comic chops in this close-to-the-bone comedy. Teasing the line between fiction and reality, he plays an indie filmmaker named Alex Karpovsky who, dumped by a longtime girlfriend fed up with his refusal to marry, takes to the road with a reluctant old pal for a misbegotten mini tour screening his movie on college campuses and independent cinemas.

A solipsistic filmmaker takes his independent film on tour. Hoping to escape the pain of his recent breakup, he stumbles into a twisting constellation of fear, sex, and tortured ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Umang V (es) wrote: Disappointing in the name of Classic romance.

Carlos A (fr) wrote: Great. Extremely daring and shockingly touching.I hope their still out there and they continue their revolution.

Eric C (ru) wrote: what a heartbreaker.

Scott M (fr) wrote: Saved by the smoking hotness of Zoe Saldana. Otherwise it was a 2 star movie of obviousness

John M (es) wrote: Predictable sentimentality, with a new caretaker turning curmudgeonly old folk into a warm-hearted family, but well acted by some old hands at least.

yesenia m (de) wrote: how do you play the whole movie?

Sara C (ag) wrote: k i finally saw all of it and i still say that its really good!!!

Peter P (mx) wrote: Slow but not terrible, it has a few cool moments but other then Ben Affleck being "da bomb" it is very forgettable.

Sharon H (mx) wrote: If you're a fan, this is a must see!

Grace S (kr) wrote: This one continues right after the fourth part, which was a very short film also. So short in fact, that you have to wonder why they didn't just make em' as the one movie. Anyway, ignoring that for a minute, this film will provide a chuckle or two, mainly due to the seriously bad acting from Thomerson and the supporting actors. Although one exception here is Stacie Randall, who has a duel role, playing the lovely Lyra in not one, but two dimensions. Some of the plot elements are cleverly lifted from Asterix, but it is nice to see the writer was a fan. After it was over, I felt kind of mad knowing the true Trancers films were finished and if Thomerson decides to return, I'd like him to be exactly like the wisecracking detective he was in the original.

Christophe M (de) wrote: je m'attendais vraiment pire, surtout aprs le trs bon "Class of 1984" parce que l il s'agit encore d'un lyce problme mais pour le rsoudre, des robots cre par l'arme font office de professeur !!! Etonnant de voir un film qui semble avoir servi de modle plusieurs autres par la suite, comme "The Faculty", "The Substitute" et en plus y'a une bonne scne de poursuite moto entre le personnage de Cody et ses profs (en voiture) que n'a srement pas reni Cameron pour Terminator 2. Casting tonnament relev pour un film de genre de ce genre, McDowell, Grier, Kilpatrick et Keach, ce qui rend le film encore plus bandant voir ! Pour Lester, la situation a empir depuis 1984 puisqu'il imagine un "futur" o les lyces ressemblent des prisons entour d'un quartier o la police ne met pas les pieds. Guerre des gangs, flinguage tout va, prof mcanique, et un super final o le lyce est dfonc, je comprend pourquoi certains prfrent celui l au prcdent. Pour ma part j'aime bien les deux, c'est du dlire de bout en bout ! Encore !!!

Private U (kr) wrote: Lana Clarkson at her best. She's taking revenge for the destruction of her village one sword slash at a time, dont get in her way cause she'll cut you down. Def a good movie to watch after a 24 pack of good old paps!

Karen H (kr) wrote: 2015-01-17 kinda dumb but had its moments

Hunter D (it) wrote: Jack Nicholson's directorial debut (okay so he was one of 500 ghost directors for THE TERROR, but that doesn't really count) is a mess. Hot off of his brilliant turn in Bob Rafelson's classic FIVE EASY PIECES, Nicholson tried his hand behind the camera with this story of a college basketball player and his politically radical roommate during the political unrest of the Vietnam war. The story has a lot of interesting ideas, and Nicholson clearly has a lot to say, but the nuance Nicholson has as an actor doesn't come across in his directing, as the movie has trouble saying whatever it is its trying to say. DRIVE, HE SAID was a BBS production, and having redefined American cinema with EASY RIDER and taking it even further with FIVE EASY PIECES, BBS was a production house that had captured the zeitgeist of America, however DRIVE, HE SAID seems to be of the belief that it can turn the camera on these things and have the same effect, which is sadly doesn't, as Nicholson lacks the insane abandon of Dennis Hopper and the thoughtful nature of Rafelson. What we have here is a filmmaker trying to find his voice, no doubt if Nicholson had continued directing he might have found it, fortunately he stuck to what he does best, and doing so made him an American icon.

JohnnyLee T (nl) wrote: Intelligent, well-acted drama set in and around Naples. Makes its points unhurriedly. Only criticism was that plot really had only one way to go. Oh, and the sepia colour of the print - obviously to align with the mood of the characters but it's a pity that it dulled the stunning setting.

Tyler J (ag) wrote: My personal funniest movie of all time

Chiek E (mx) wrote: Overveldende tidsreise historie som lot meg forvirret p slutten. Faktisk at jeg s denne filmen to ganger for gripe at nyansene jeg savnet i frste omgang. Man m se p filmen med fastlst tenkemnster fra begynnelse at det er science fiction og tidsreiser er umulig i virkeligheten og slik at en ikke br delegge glede av filmen ved prve f orden p det. For fullt ut forst plottet, m man imidlertid vre oppmerksom p datoer og riktig kronologi av hendelser, slik for flge transformasjon av kvinnen (Sarah Nook) til mannen (Ethan Hawke). P et tidspunkt i fremtiden, ville Ethan reise tilbake igjen til forrsake hendelser skje, blant annet, srge for at Sarah ville bli fdt til begynne den aldri slutter tid loop. Den store moralske sprsml og tema for historien er at hvis tidsreiser var mulig, kan man endre fortiden for f en ny fremtid? Eller har det siste allerede tatt i tilfelle av tidsreiser av noen fra fremtiden. S ingenting egentlig forandrer eller kan endres. Det er bare en endels lkke av hendelser fordi alt er forutbestemt til skje, inkludert tidsreiser hendelser.

Kong L (au) wrote: "AWKWARD | ENTERTAINING | HEART-WARMING" (85-out-100)

Jack S (it) wrote: Clever, charming coming-of-age comedy set in an elite South African boys school in the early 1990s. Fortunately, it doesn't focus too much on the politics of the time. John Cleese is fantastic, as always.

Elise P (mx) wrote: Incredibly silly but brilliant. My favourite star trek film of all time. All you can eat cheesy 80s lines. "A double dumb ass on you"