Red Gloves

Red Gloves

The personal story of the young student Felix Goldschmidt, who finds himself arrested for a crime he does not understand, like his fellow prisoners, he believes at first that he the victim ...

The personal story of the young student Felix Goldschmidt, who finds himself arrested for a crime he does not understand, like his fellow prisoners, he believes at first that he the victim ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Noname (au) wrote: A decent drama thriller with Woody Harrelson. The movie starts of a bit slow but becomes better and better. Story follows a couple on a train from China to Moscow involving a murder.. Pretty simple story and well made. Nice winter landscapes aswell i thought.

Nick D (gb) wrote: Anyone who dislikes this movie and message has no taste. This was so sad and funny. ???

john h (es) wrote: it was an OK movie, but the book is where this story is given justice. had the potential but didn't live up to expectations

Derrick C (fr) wrote: Surprisingly better than the other films in story alone, but due to obvious budget restraints and a decision to shot on what looks to be video, this film doesn't hold a candle aesthetically to the other films. It is too bad really because I feel this is a good send off to the series. But when you decide to do close ups and not light properly enough to cover up the obvious poor make up job done on your main wiggly fingered vampire (which was toned down here in relation to the other films) it screams hack job and poor decision making. Really this is the only film in the series that did something kinda different with the characters. Fans will dig it, otherwise nobody else on earth with give one pinch of shit about this film.

John Y (es) wrote: One of the worst movies I ever got suckered into seeing.

Tim B (fr) wrote: An ultra-violent, unflinching look at the life of Phoolan Devi. Truly both heartbreaking and captivating at the same time.

Phil H (mx) wrote: Very cliched and dated gangster/basketball flick set in NY as a young black teen tries to get a basketball scholarship whilst battling against a local thug and his former basketball star brother who is now a security guard at their high school.Everyone in this film is a walking cliche. Shakur is yet another gangster (he couldn't do anything else...useless), Wayans is annoying and camp as usual, Duane Martin is the annoying loud mouth cocky star player and Leon is the quiet dark horse and probably the best thing in the film. Basically you have all the usual gangster nonsense with all the hilariously bad street clothes worn by Shakur and co. Lots of foul language dodgy deals guns drugs and various adults trying to get these dumb asses to grow up and get a life. Looking back now this movie does seem extremely predictable cheesy and stereotypical, hell the movie is virtually racially profiling these guys from the outset. Thing is back in the day these movies were popular and deemed fresh gritty realistic stories from the hood, showing the middle/rich classes life on the street and how blacks youths were badly treated. To me these movies only tended to damage minority groups, giving young blacks a bad reputation. Sure its only a movie but there were so many like this back in the 90's and most revolved around crime drugs and shootings. But hey that's just my thoughts, maybe I'm a bit out of touch too.The only decent thing in the whole film is the small segments of basketball and the competition at the finale which does show some good genuine skills. Only at the end does this movie really come alive...and it reminded me a little of 'White Men Can't Jump' minus the goofy comedy.

Stormy D (us) wrote: Somebody tell Will Ferrel that THIS is how a NASCAR comedy is REALLY made ! You have to watch the credits for Jerry Reed's cameo.

Ann D (fr) wrote: kind of misses the point about how hollywood exploits women. but mariel hemingway is tremendous and believable as a naive innocent, while eric roberts' twitchy performance is alive and believable if a bit too workmanlike. the movie is not great- its scope is too limited and its characterizations too shallow but it's definitely watch-able and at times, surprisingly smart in how it deals with trashy material.

Jaime R (ca) wrote: Quite the ensemble doing such a fine job in this great comedy.

Peter L (fr) wrote: A few memorable moments can't save the boring, unoriginal, and painfully unfunny Meatballs.

Sam W (nl) wrote: Beautiful narrative were the surrealist aspects seem to be the most prevalent in the personalities than any thing else in the film.

Eric L (ca) wrote: Enjoyable clean family comedy

Joshua M (au) wrote: I've seen this movie ever since I was in, like, fifth grade. I've gone back many times to re-watch it. I will periodically continue to do so.