Red-Headed Woman

Red-Headed Woman

Lil works for the Legendre Company and causes Bill to divorce Irene and marry her. She has an affair with businessman Gaerste and uses him to force society to pay attention to her. She has another affair with the chauffeur Albert.

Lil works for the Legendre Company and causes Bill to divorce Irene and marry her. She has an affair with businessman Gaerste and uses him to force society to pay attention to her. She has ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nina L (ru) wrote: No storyline, no plot. What's the point? It's like a documentary. The unfaithful wife is fun. The plastic surgeon who convinces people not to have plastic surgery, too. Bbut there is nothing interesting about it, really. It happens in Rio. The crew had a good time and we are a bit bored.

Robert H (au) wrote: I'm all for character development but when the first half of your 3 hour film is all about introducing characters, it's a bit much. Luckily, once everyone is introduced, the fun begins.I was surprised by the creativity shown in this film. While it could have been a straight up scifi thriller about alien invasion, trying to figure out who's who a la Body Snatchers, Final Days goes one step further by adding in some political intrigue, some science fact, and some bugrageous elements.Though the CG was a little lame, it managed to get the point across and i'll give credit to the filmmakers, when they could get away with a physical effect, they went that way instead of the CG approach.The acting was mediocre and that goes doubly so for Daryl Hannah who just does not carry the film the way she needed to. Beau Starr on the other hand, was quite enjoyable in his role of Oliver the homeless ex-military bird watcher. Worth a watch on a Sunday afternoon if it's running on your local science fiction television station but not worth much more. You can probably find it for a couple bucks in the discount DVD bins if you're truly curious.

Alan K (ca) wrote: "...ancient China,..." when everything was possible.

Colm M (ca) wrote: not a bad story. bit of a nordie version of 'into the west'

Alexander R (mx) wrote: Good movie, no doubt. Shot only in a hotel room, so dialouge was tight and good. The actors do a good job at making their feelings, hidden and visible, seem very real. There's a lot to be taken away from this film.

Prabhat R (ag) wrote: I started watching this trash expecting at least an iota of laughter. I mean, regardless of how terrible a movie has been panned by both critics and masses, one would indulge in such a silly exercise hoping for at least an equally silly movie. But this one was just testing my patience. The night before I had watched "Can't hardly wait", and had expected nothing from it, but I did get few laughs and some cliched tender moments in return. Slackers, however, was one huge disappointment. Zero plot, naught humour, zilch comedy (even slapstick would've done) from almost everyone, which all led to a gaping void of an experience. My 80-odd minutes I'm never getting back. PS: Jason Schwartzman kept getting on my nerves every time he was in the frame. Such a travesty, compared to his understated performance in Rushmore.

Kim B (ca) wrote: I found it to have a unique plot that u didnt know where it was going. An interesting concept that gets better as it goes along with the leave it to beaver era of tv becoming symbolical of segregation and censorship that plagued that time beneath an all white veneer. Some of the script is dated now and i still cant stand tobey mcguire's acting. That being said i thought the ending was lame with the whole who knows what will happen next? Line repeated over n over instead of a real conclusion.

Ashlee C (br) wrote: i only watched it because i've been in love with gregory smith since zenon was on the disney channel. but i did enjoy the movie. i had different ideas for the ending and i don't think the way they all met was very convincing...but it wasn't bad.

Matthew R (ca) wrote: Unique movie that I will not soon forget.

Steve H (au) wrote: The early part of this 5 hour mini series was great....however it's unfortunate that both De Niro and Depardieu are given such boring roles. The movie seems to lose every great aspect as soon as they appear! It goes from stunning camera work, interesting story and characters (the two young boys and master) to usual camera work, uninteresting story and boring characters. I've just seen part 1 (2 and a half hours) i'm in no hurry to see the other part now. Shame because my copy was the original Itallian version with English subtitles, and the first hour or so was brilliant.....then the director seemed to lose his way and make up the story as it went along.

Yasmin O (gb) wrote: Abso-freaking-Lutely crazy&bizarre.. I really liked it

Troy F (fr) wrote: A fun, even if rather dated, adventure thriller that places a boy Davey with a fascination for spy espionage and an imaginary friend Jack Flack, a professional spy, who lands himself in a real game of cat and mouse when he attains a video game cartridge containing high profile government information from a murdered doctor, leading to being chased by the men after the cart. As common for a lot of films prior to the PG-13, there's a lot of stuff ranging between light fun and dark with violence that could pass for a mature film, which is odd for a film that seems intended for family audiences. The film has good performances from Dabney Coleman doubling as Davey's father and the fictional Jack Flack. Henry Thomas as Davey isn't just starpower in this film either, he has a good emotional acting range and these extreme circumstances push him into a frightening reality that makes us fear for his character and want him to rise to courage in dealing with the enemy as he matures from his make-belief spy adventure games to the reality of tragic circumstances, but also understanding his strength and determination to protect what and who he can. While as stated, perhaps a bit bordering on a bit of a darkish thriller, it is a fun adventure film with a mature edge to it that pays off. It's a fun little thriller-mystery-adventure film that's good for 80's standards.

Brandon H (fr) wrote: While the writer is lifting up the bravery of this sniper from WW2 he is at the same time systematically ripping into the ignorance of the socialist and communist belief system. The story is based on real events, the acting is superb, the film and action are fantastic. Excellent movie.