Red Nights

Red Nights

During the reign of the first emperor of China, an ingenious torturer concocted an elixir that paralyzed its victim's limbs, while increasing the sensitivity of their nerve endings tenfold....

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:French,Cantonese,Mandarin,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   poison,   torture,  

During the reign of the first emperor of China, an ingenious torturer concocted an elixir that paralyzed its victim's limbs, while increasing the sensitivity of their nerve endings tenfold.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Red Nights torrent reviews

Carlos D (es) wrote: yeah,this is one of those movies that will piss you of by the minute! but,in the'll be glad to know there's a message there,somewhere...

CJ C (au) wrote: One of my fav SChannings. Soooo funny with a young JNicholson & WBeatty.

Eric R (gb) wrote: They could have called this movie, "The Emotional Detective". As the main Detective goes through every range of emotion. It's a very paint by numbers thriller. You have probably seen similar movies like this several times.

Kate C (kr) wrote: Actually not bad. I didn't intend to watch this movie and just left it on in the background, but ended up getting drawn into it. I'm not usually a fan of mobster movies and tend to avoid the "intertwining narratives of relative strangers" type of movies as well... but there was something charming about this one that made me actually care about the characters. Its not a bad choice for an afternoon when nothing else is on, but I wouldn't seek this movie out. So in effect: good rainy day movie.

Miles W (mx) wrote: I had high hopes for this movie after watching it as a kid in the 1990s, but after watching clips from this movie, I have to say, it sucks! I loved the 1st two seasons narrated by Ringo Starr in the T.V. series, and I was expecting him to do the voice overs, but after hearing the voices from this movie, I lost all hope. And yes, the plot is too confusing, and it doesn't make any sense. The actors and actresses were so dull and boring to hear. I would only watch this movie with Mara Wilson, then fast forward through any of the scenes without her. I have been a fan of hers since Matilda. Mara Wilson to me is the only reason to watch this movie, other than her, this movie is rubbish.

Sri G (it) wrote: For once, the story is about the jockey rather than the horse

Jack B (de) wrote: An inspiring yet ultimately tragic story. Makes me want to get out and run a bit faster. Long live Struggles McGee!

Yuko S (us) wrote: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????

Daniel A (it) wrote: Very early Jonathan Demme. Not a bad movie, but the last 1/3 doesn't hold the suspense and paranoia of the first 2/3. Really kind of peters out by the end, but does manage to regain some of the emotion at the very end. The score is excellent and really adds to the mood in a lot of places. Scheider and Margolin are great, and there are a lot of interesting cameos and bit parts in this one from actors who went on to have great careers...

Carlton R (it) wrote: Great horror/Sci fi , classic stough

Ken S (ca) wrote: Frank Capra directs this Romantic Comedy starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, about a down on his luck reporter who escorts a socialite back to New York so she can marry some snob and defy her father, and they might just fall for each other along the way. It is one of the best examples of the rom-com genre, a true classic. The cast is right, the script is funny, the direction is perfect. The film is the first and one of very few films to sweep the five major categories at the Oscars, which is an impressive feat for any film that is mostly a comedy. A fine film from Hollywood's Golden Age, a fine film for any Capra fan, a fine film all around.

Dave J (jp) wrote: Film veteran Cary grant as Dr. Madison Brown acting with real life wife, Betsy Drake who plays retail warehouse store worker Anabel Simms pursuing him.

Film C (us) wrote: It is okay but I always get pissed off by every single film sequels.

Anna B (br) wrote: The plot is bloated, rambling, and self-indulgent, and Lee once again gives himself way too much screen time. But I did enjoy it as an aimless hang-out movie for the most part, and Lee's inventive camera is always fun to watch. If he'd trimmed about half an hour it would be a much better movie.

w k (ru) wrote: Funny is a gross sort of way.