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Red Peony Gambler: Gambler's Obligation


A local yakuza boss of a silk farming town shows kindness to the wandering gambler Oryu by letting her stay at his residence. When a rival yakuza gang, who wants to take over the town's businesses, murders him, Oryu is obliged to protect his children and business. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Shantel D (it) wrote: Really interesting for anyone who's into old school special effects.

David S (de) wrote: aah nipones con sables + ultraviolencia bien bien manga! aqui esta todo gore, triperio, sangre, ..vaya..hasta tentaculos! ;)pero como quiera, ni todo lo rojo que escurre de la pantalla la salva de ser un churro aventurero! hehe

Curtis M (ag) wrote: This film is a failure. The first film barely passes, but this is just a joke.

Chris S (us) wrote: While it's nice to see Bambi and his father spend time together and see the gap filled between the death of Bambi's mother and his adulthood, this movie was a little boring. But not bad.

Robb L (ca) wrote: top flim, classic NZ

Joby D (kr) wrote: Wasn't that TV show?

Claire T (de) wrote: it was ok but I thought the first one honey I strunk the kids was a lot better than this one, it was ok Rick Moranis, Lloyd Bridges, Robert Oliveri, Joshua Shalikar and Marcia Strassman starred in it

Steven T (nl) wrote: Beautiful and heart breaking.

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Jack G (ca) wrote: A weird movie to take in. it's kind of fiction, kind of documentary, kind of a concert movie, all and none at the same time, with some cool Basquiat graffiti and drawings scattered around (no big paintings though, sorry, save for the one he carries around and tries to sell). It also makes me really want to check out *some* of the music (it's either really amazing or really ear-bleeding). Oh, and Debby Harry has a weird WTF cameo.

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Ricardo A (ca) wrote: Meh, not really worth the time. Reviewing this in today's standards (as I am not a film student, but rather I enjoy good films very much).

Austin F (fr) wrote: I don't know what all these negative review are for...This was actually a well constructed and very intriguing thriller throughout.

Benjamin J (jp) wrote: This was good, although it did contain Roy Castle. Dead or not, he's fucking shite.

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