Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

A retelling of the classic tale, with Red as a psychotic vigilante.

This evocative chiller from director Giacomo Cimini follows the fortunes of a young 12yr-old girl named Jenny (Francesca). Abandoned in Rome by her careless mother, Jenny has to fend for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Red Riding Hood torrent reviews

Alexander C (es) wrote: Would like to get round to seeing!

Geoff B (mx) wrote: Loved it when it came out - primarily for the Big Country soundtrack as I used to follow the band back then :) Its a great Brit film - feel sad/feel good - one of the best!

Diane J (nl) wrote: These films were a lot of fun. Campy James Bond western.

Theodore F (kr) wrote: Frank Tashlin directs Martin and Lewis with a primary color palette and 1950s pin up girls in a musical satire on the comic book delinquency scandal and the Cold War and gender coding. Aspiring artist Dean Martin plagiarizes his spazzy friend Jerry Lewis's subconsciously vocalized nightmares in order to sell comic book story ideas. Jerry Lewis has two different, equally inspired sequences involving a staircase, one of which is shared with Shirley MacLaine (as his inspired love interest) who sometimes wears a "Bat Lady" costume.

ALEXANDERNEVERMIND (nl) wrote: This movie was a play on Broadway!!

Ryan S (ru) wrote: As emotionally satisfying as it is visually stunning, "Bambi" has it all. It is up there as one of Disney's best animated feature films.

bill s (de) wrote: Not that this premise hasn't been done to death but this foul mouth little bugger really steals the show and you can't wait for his demise..