Red River

Red River

Dunson is driving his cattle to Red River when his adopted son, Matthew, turns against him.

Fourteen years after starting his cattle ranch in Texas, Tom Dunston is finally ready to drive his 10,000 head of cattle to market. Back then Dunston, his sidekick Nadine Groot and a teen-aged boy, Matt Garth -who was the only survivor of an Indian attack on a wagon train - started off with only two head of cattle. The nearest market however is in Missouri, a 1000 miles away. Dunston is a hard task master demanding a great deal from the men who have signed up for the drive. Matt is a grown man now and fought in the Civil War. He has his own mind as well and he soon runs up against the stubborn Dunston who won't listen to advice from anyone. Soon, the men on the drive are taking sides and Matt ends up in charge with Dunston vowing to kill him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John O (jp) wrote: Average in every way.

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Jose G (kr) wrote: great movie about a pioneer who overcomes all kinds of problems to realize his dream...and it ain't every day you get to see a movie a son made about his father making a movie, where the son plays his father too! great story, great cast, and well put together..and Paul Rodriguez plays me too! lol!

Emma N (jp) wrote: This movie gave me a few laughs, all for the wrong reasons. If you want to see an early Sean Bean there are better movies out there

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Christopher K (gb) wrote: A little weird but excellent movie