Red River Valley

Red River Valley

Gene and Frog set out to find out who has been causing the accidents at a dam construction site.

Gene and Frog set out to find out who has been causing the accidents at a dam construction site. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claire M (ca) wrote: This movie is so moving and so beautiful(not the plot, the film) and it really hit me hard to know that some people go through shit like this on a daily basis and that hurts me inside

Maryse F (ag) wrote: gotta love those complicated french movies

Ava R (gb) wrote: I felt it was poorly fictionalized version of a great real-life story. However, it did attempt and even that attempt didnlt totally fail. It needed more romance, less cliche and more explosions. Salma Hayek was pretty enough but not perfect in the lead role, everything just felt too plastic and the film avoided the hot topics and the sex and the danger that SHOULD have been at the very center of the story.

Ty P (gb) wrote: A different kind of love film, Benicio Del Toro and Alicia Silverstone are great together.

Tim W (ca) wrote: Molly Parker having sex with coprse and teach you the term "necrophilia". Is that not enough? Shame that I can't find the DVD of it since I rented it on tape.

Matt R (ru) wrote: When Bugs Bunny himself intros the film, you should know what you're getting into. Where the silliness was sort of restrained in the first one in favor of a little more horror, the sequel kicks the goofy hi-jinks into maximum overdrive, and keeps it there for the duration of the movie. If you can accept that, this is a hell of a lot of fun.

Sarah J (de) wrote: Wonderful - the divine Depardieu. Ci ma femme est belle!! Beautiful, sensitive film that shites from a great height on Summersby!

Cassandra M (ru) wrote: In 1960, in a small Black Country town, I went to see this movie, with a male friend, at our local fleapit - it was a revelation. I found myself in a cinema that was a real setting for what appeared on the screen, for there Albert Finney was, not represented, was the working class bloke that sat in the picture house near to me.Equally I knew that, on leaving, I would see his aunt (Hilda Baker) in the local chippy, and that Norman Rossington would be cycling to some nearby canal to fish. Indeed when Ben (my friend) and I left we went to our local for a quick pint and, I swear,we both had the uncanny feeling of being part of the film.Time has passed and the working class East and West Midlands have change completely so it may not have such resonance for a new generation but if you want to know what a good slice of England looked and sounded like in the 1950s you should see it: it's better than any documentary. Indeed it is a great film.

Allan C (au) wrote: Fred Ward is one of my favorite actors and this is one of my favorite of his roles, right up there with his portrayal of Henry Miller. In many ways this adaptation of Charles Willeford's first Hoke Moseley novel was ahead of it's time, mixing quirky humor and extreme violence in a way that didn't really catch on until Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction." The studio, at the time, sat on this film for two years before releasing it, surely because they didn't know how to market the film or how audiences would react to the odd mixture of harsh violence and dark, twisted humor. This film is not up to Tarantino standards of writing and directions, and it is something of a mixed bag, but where it counts, the film really works. Jennifer Jason Leigh is great as the bubble headed college student turned prostitute who falls for the sociopathic Junior. She's heartbreaking in one scene where she holds back tears while giving a recipe for vinegar pie. Alec Baldwin is terrific as Junior, and brings more layers to the role than a lesser actor would have given the character. Lazier filmmakers would have simply painted Junior as a psycho with no redeeming qualities and Pepper as a dimwitted victim, but their relationship is much more complex than most films would have bothered to make. But back to Fred Ward, although he probably has less screen time than Baldwin, this film is really his film and who steals every scene he's in. I really wish this film had been a bigger hit and there would have been more film adaptations of Hoke Moseley novels with Ward playing Moseley. Like Tarantino films and their ilk, this film is certainly not for all tastes, but it's still better than most Tarantino imitators and also gets bragging rights for coming out two years before "Reservoir Dogs."