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Red Room 2

Four people playing a game of death.

The sequel to the underground goretastic RED ROOM, RED ROOM 2 will leave you gasping for air in its grueling portrayal of what people will do for money. Another million dollars is up for grabs as four more contestants enter the RED ROOM. Locked inside, they begin to play "King", a deadly card game in which the loser must perform whatever action the winner desires. The game is played till there is a single survivor. How far will the contestants go for a little hard earned cash? How much abuse can a person handle? Can you dare watch the horror of the RED ROOM? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Simon M (it) wrote: A delightful adaptation of a historically questionable play. The two leads play off one another raising their game and making this worth watching.

Pablo G (jp) wrote: 3/5Certainly a challenge, whether you like it or not. I did not.

TheRantingAnchor R (br) wrote: Holy crap, this movie is godawful. Not even NPH can save this one.

Jonathan C (fr) wrote: Ridiculous and violent musical set in a dystopian future. Enjoyable. The epitome of a cult classic.

Kate A (fr) wrote: Just very boring, do yourself a favour, and skip this one.

Avishek C (jp) wrote: Yeah this is the way it goes down sometimes, you just have to kill people whether you work for the Police or the military or whatever, and youre not in the clean, its just not well lit you think someones pointing a gun at you so you shoot him, people just gotta die sometimes if you want to protect yourself and others, the only thing you can do about it is decrease the range of situations in the world that cause people and kids and stuff to kill each other, but thatll take millenia. In other words if you take a holiday in Somalia dont be surprised if you have to physically murder several human beings to protect yourself and then the Somalian government is poor so its bribed to extradite you and then you have to phone the government to get an immunity from extradition

Greg W (ag) wrote: good look a social structure in mexico

cli o (au) wrote: haha typical irish guys sounds good

Carlos G (kr) wrote: Child hood favorite. Great story telling and love story you actually pull for. Saddest endings ever.

John Y (ru) wrote: Another classic by Frank Capra. Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck are wonderful in their roles. A true classic.

Mohammed A (nl) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Austin W (us) wrote: open season is a pretty good entry into the animated cannon. theres lots of gags and jokes with good voice acting and a great cast of characters making this a good watch.

Bruno V (us) wrote: Kinda boring story about the lives of some pubers...soon be forgotten !

Patrick N (ag) wrote: Much different than Wilson Yip's version of Ip Man. An ok film that has good action scenes, but lacks the seriousness in Yip's versions.

Paul G (gb) wrote: kooky retelling of Dracula in the 70's not as cheesy as it should be but ok and not as bad as Dracula 72AD ( which was beyond terrible).

patrick c (kr) wrote: Those who were left bored and underwhelmed upon viewing this film simply must not be afraid of the ocean. This movie is made of pure terror and suspense. I found myself constantly holding my breath.

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