Red Sien

Red Sien

Sien is raised by her grandparents after her mother, a singer/prostitute is strangled by her father. She becomes enamored by song and dance man Jan Meier and the two form a successful ...

Sien is raised by her grandparents after her mother, a singer/prostitute is strangled by her father. She becomes enamored by song and dance man Jan Meier and the two form a successful ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Van W (jp) wrote: Reliable thriller wherein most of the thrills come from Candice's erotic self-obsession with Marilyn. The French Alpine countryside contributes almost as many nice visuals as Quinton in the lead role, but Candice remains almost the sole source of warmth in this otherwise decidedly cool place. Ample citations from other films, such as Candice's title as Belle de Jura aligning her with Deneuve's Belle de Jour, but the reference to Fellini's Amarcord seems a non sequitur, but perhaps that was its point. Worth a watch.

Larry C (mx) wrote: I do Not see why people think thesis worth watching. too long

Ryan M (gb) wrote: 7.5/10 Most movie romances go with the flow; they start out good, hit a rough spot, and then get right back up again. And then everyone lives "happily ever after", so to speak. "Climates" is that rare, admirable film that decides to break the mold by abandoning nearly every clich in the book. Here is a love story in which we never see the good times; only the bad times. The film is about a couple in which the man and the woman truly detest each-other. We're shown only the dip rather than the rise (of their relationship), and therefore it almost feels as if they never had any "good points" to begin with. Sure, this takes away from "Climates" and its appeal. Sure, it will bore people to death therefore. That's great; that's wonderful. And somehow, this film almost makes it its job to feel hollow and nearly heartless, and there's something I quietly admire about that whole stunt. It's not something that a film should or would typically be proud of, but "Climates" has a story to tell, and it deserves to be heard. I will not recommend the film; it is meant to be watched by a specific audience, but sadly, that's the only audience that will enjoy it. Everyone else will find it bland, bleak, and quite tiresome. But I find it artistic, enjoyable, and therefore quite insightful. It's not perfect, but it's not bad either. It's nowhere near bad, and it has PLENTY of redeeming, artistic factors to it. And I love myself a good art film, as we all know. So that explains why I enjoyed the bleakness of "Climates". It's a depressing film; the best kind of film, for a lot of the time at least. But then there are films that are just so depressing that you want to turn them off. For many, "Climates" was one of those films. For me, it was smart enough to be entertaining, and real enough to feel new. It's unlike any romance I have seen before; and the slow-pacing almost helped the thing. I will indeed say that I enjoyed it, and to anyone who's willing to take the trip, it's a recommendation. But as I said, I will not recommend it. And you should already know why that is. I'm just trying to be careful; since you should not let me tell you to watch a movie that you may hate. But what I see in "Climates" is an interior of pure beauty; one that few romances have. It's a unique and artsy feature; just the kind of film that will grow on me in time. I think I'll let it breathe, and perhaps then, I shall see the film again to get a different result. It's that kind of film. The film centers on a couple that despises each-others company. Whenever they make a trip to somewhere, one gets intrigued while the other gets bored. In the opening shot, we see the couple at some old ruins. The "boy" is having a jolly old time, snapping pictures of the aging, eroding sculptures and buildings with his camera. The "girl", however, is bored as hell; sitting on the sandy hills to pass the time by. And then, the couple makes a trip to the beach. This is where they agree to split up; but in a rather painful way. They stay apart for quite some time, and the "boy" is tempted by other women. The "girl" doesn't want to get involved, and does not want to communicate anymore with the "boy". It's a depressing love story, that is, if it could be called a love story at all. The film is not a celebration of love, and if anything, it feels like it's putting the whole concept of love aside. But I find the film emotionally bleak but ultimately resonant in the end. My final verdict is that I kind of enjoyed myself in my own little way. The story is ridiculously slow and often times quite tedious. But the film gets right down to the point with its artistic merit; and boy, is this film artistic. If you like films that exist to be artistic rather than stories, then this film is for you. But if you can't deal with what most would call "painfully unwatchable boredom", then stay away from "Climates" by all means. I liked it; but not many people will. Overall, it's not quite great enough to be a definite recommendation; and therefore I don't think I will recommend it at all. It felt sneaky to me, but I am often a little too intrigued by films as bleak as this. It feels "different", so to speak, compared to most films in its genre. The film doesn't seem too interested in romance or drama; it just wants to be solid and imagery driven. But in that sense, it might as well be fascinating. And that's why I think it is good. You have to admit; this film has some darned good acing. Both actors in the film seem appropriately somber and flamboyantly bleak to the point where I kind of found them entertaining. Or perhaps entertaining is the wrong word, and "interesting" would best describe how I felt about them. Ebru Ceylan and Nuri Bilge Ceylan play the couple quite nicely and in their own way, convincingly. They're a depressing couple, and they're hard to like, but at the same time I think that was precisely the point. So if that was the intent of the director, then they did quite well. But the real talent comes from Nuri Bilge Ceylan as the director rather than the actor; and I liked his vision here. But I'll discuss that in detail a little later. I have enjoyed visually bleak films. Some of them are unforgettable, uneasy, and even quite disturbing; all without showing anything that's meant to provoke. "Climates" is bleak to the max; visually beautiful in its own bland little ways, but boring to most none the less. It's a well-directed feast no matter how you view the film, and Ceylan's vision is pretty spot-on. The cinematography is pretty beautiful for most of the time, and Ceylan chooses imagery and sound over dialogue and story-telling. In that sense, "Climates" is artistic; and it's a damn good movie if that's the case. The sound department is, as I said, key to this film's success. It won't make a difference to a lot of people, since most people are used to films that tell you up front what's going on, but if you stop to admire this film in all its silent, artistic glory; than you shall find a quiet and smart cinematic gem. It's no classic, and it's not quite great; but I like the craft that went into the production, and Ceylan seems like a talented director. I am indeed quite curious in whatever he's got coming out next, and I'm sure it will be as good as "Climates" is. But then again, not everyone liked "Climates". Most people just didn't. And that's why it's kind of a mixed bag to many; but to me, I see something remarkably beautiful. I also see something worth checking out. But don't bother if you can't stick with the thing for the entire trip. "Climates" is passionately atmospheric, emotionally bleak, and quite silent in some instances. It's a remarkably artistic romantic drama; complete with a dark sense of romance and a nigh emotionless sense of drama. This film snickers because most people know it's worth despising. Ceylan seems to know that most people won't like "Climates", but he doesn't care; it's his movie. I admire the risks he took while making this film, since it's quite a risk to make something with such little appeal as this. Most people go for the mainstream in romantic drama, while other artists such as Ceylan will try something different. I admittedly like and was entertained by "Climates", and it's admirable in its crafty artistry. It's not for everyone and it's not for most people, but I kind of like the personal touches put into it. Again, it's not great. It's no masterpiece, and it's not one of the past decade's best films. But some will love it and some will hate it. That's kind of admirable too, since most films try to have a lot of appeal. If you're too intoxicated in main-stream filmmaking, then you won't connect to "Climates" in the slightest, but if you like artistic filmmaking; then there's stuff to see here. I looked at the film and smiled. I liked how it looked and how it felt. It's heartless and bleak; just how I would have liked it. There's virtually nothing wrong with it aside from its limited appeal and its lack of a true recommendation. There are better films out there, but that's not a reason to NOT watch "Climates". But it has about as much appeal as a tornado warning; and it hits you with the same kind of relentlessly careless force. The film is handled and directed well, and that's what counts. Yes, I liked "Climates". I admit that, and I'm not afraid of the criticism that I may receive. And that's all for now.

Reno V (gb) wrote: "THEY'RE HUNGRY. YOU'RE DINNER." - Horror and comedy a perfect match? It's possible and this 2005 'Feast' proves it! The film was made after its script won a television contest and got the support of executive producers Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Chris Moore and living horror legend Wes Craven. To be honest, this movie is the first and best part of the 'Feast'-trilogy, the other two are really bad. Don't expect strong dialogues or a renewing storyline, but a mix of gory fun and unexpected twists which I found very entertaining. The cast contains Krista Allen (Emmanuelle in Space, The Final Destination) as Tuffy and Eileen Ryan (mother of Sean Penn) as Grandma. You think you know who will survive this horror movie? Guess again! It's an ordinary night at an ordinary bar located on a desolate highway through the Texas desert. While Bartender and Honey Pie are serving drinks to Vet, Grandma (Ryan) and Coach, Bozo and his brother Hot Wheels are making money with a snooker match against actor Jason Mewes, waitress Tuffy (Allen) is having sex with the Boss Man upstairs, Beer Guy is stocking barrels of beer in the basement and Harley Mama is getting ready in the restroom to rob the place. Suddenly Hero, a man covered in blood ,rushes in and warns them that he's being followed by bloodthirsty creatures. Because none of the people present believe him he shows them the head of a hideous monster he claims to have killed. Before anyone can take in what they just saw, the bar gets brutally attacked. Who will survive the carnage?

Tony C (ca) wrote: This movie wasn't something I would have normally watch. I was surprised how well written story and the acting was excellent. I would recommend as one of those movies to see on a rainy day.

Jaber H (ag) wrote: This movie really sucked on every level i couldn't watch it till the end i felt like i'm going to sufficate

Shane M (es) wrote: Lots of heart, good story, good acting and I love the connection between the boy and the orca that made this a timeless classic. The jump at the end and the emotional ending gives this movie something to watch and cry to.

Janne E (au) wrote: Kansikuvaansa (ainakin suomalaista) paaaaljon parempi trilleri, jossa Don Johnson hypervittumaisena ja -manipuloivana murhamiehena tekee juristinsa Rebecca De Mornayn elamasta helvettia. Muuten puunaamoina pitamistani paanayttelijoista on saatu puristettua irti viimeinenkin emootio. Oikeussalikohtaukset ovat realistisia vaan eivat pitkastyttavia, mika on harvinaista. Leffa ei ole mikaan taysin perustrilleri, vaikka eihan tama tietenkaan ohjaaja Lumetin parhaiden toiden tasolle nouse.

rose s (de) wrote: If you like a movie with lots of twists and turns,you will like this one.

Greg S (us) wrote: A vampire rapes a woman in a cemetery; years later, her half-vampire son searches for his fangy dad, now a night school professor of occult studies (!) A promising, if fairly ridiculous, premise is wasted in this lifeless, talky movie.

G R (es) wrote: Predictable and kind of old. I love "Stan si Bran" but this is just lack-lustered.