Red Sky

Red Sky

Two close friends, Aris and Stelios, have their minds on a mutual goal; they "immigrate" to the south of Greece and together they begin a banana greenhouse business in Crete. There they ...

Two close friends, Aris and Stelios, have their minds on a mutual goal; they "immigrate" to the south of Greece and together they begin a banana greenhouse business in Crete. There they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah C (nl) wrote: Slow-burning drama with horror elements. Worth watching if, like me, you don't like James Nesbitt...

Andy D (ru) wrote: Thoroughly grim but original and creepy indie-Scot-horror about ancient black magic, set against the endless grey-shaded social realism of one of the estates in small-town Scotland. Worth a look.

Jenifer M (de) wrote: Every movie Tinkerbell has made has been wonderfull

Perk N (it) wrote: everybody wants to be italian

Mark M (fr) wrote: amazing. dark, visceral & disturbing.

stanley m (nl) wrote: This movie is a very great example of the indigenous people and their customs as well as their beliefs. As I watched this movie I began to recognize that the birth was taking place in the hospital. This kind of took me by surprise, due to the thought of this being a modern practice. Along with this are other interesting things that stuck out to me such as, the smoking of cigarettes by women, the card playing, the pool room, and the forty ounces that they were drinking. Singing and chanting were done from the start of this movie until the end. This may be part of their culture as well knowing that we see it at death, while the young boys were being initiated, the calling of the whales and a part of the school program. This society is male dominated without a doubt. There were many times when I felt bad for Paikea just because she was not accepted because of the belief they held. Most of the women had the roles of taking care of the house. Touching on the nose must be a way of greeting one another, which proves effective when the whales were on the shore. The lessons of life were passed down through oral communication, which the elder of the community taught the young boys, "the old ways". At the end of this movie the costumes, full face tattoos, and other tattoos, was all a part of the celebration along with more singing and chanting. It was wonderful to see the redemption given to Paikea by her ancestors and may be the start of a new culture in their belief. I was surprised to hear the grandmother speak of divorce and never considered that from these people. This is a great movie overall and one that I enjoyed.

Alex K (jp) wrote: Zachary Tobeck Enjoyed This Movie On DVD Once When I One Time Brought It In.

David J (br) wrote: Kings Of The Summer may carry an indie vibe, but from the quality of the film is what you would expect out of something higher budget. All three protagonists, especially Arias as the wacky Biaggio are very good, and its what makes this movie. The story is fairly standard coming-of-age; two teens find themselves sick of their lives at home under the annoyances of parenthood, and run into the woods to live off the land. Throw in an unwanted outcast stowaway in the diminutive Biaggio and you have a squad.The film is excellently paced; and the quiet "indie" moments are done very well. You get the sense that something is happening even while everyone is silent, looking at each other, with no music in the background. Better yet, YOU KNOW what is happening, what each kid is thinking.Kings Of Summer isn't sappy at all, nor is it depressing or go-lucky. Its a very honest, plausible movie that doesn't aim higher than it can reach, and that makes it a minority in the genre. Finally, we have an indie-teen drama that doesn't reach for an audience by employing the same pretentious cliches that its peers did.

Jeff N (it) wrote: Knowing that my birth was not even a decade removed from the end of such an idiotic time in our political history makes watching a movie like "Trumbo" somewhat difficult. Not only am I aghast at how people could have treated other people in the manner the movie represents, but I also cannot believe that investigations continued 3 years into my own life. These kind of activities now would be halted very quickly. That being said, while at times a bit slow, the story is captivating and the performances riveting. It was interesting to see Jay Roach do something so serious, even in its comedic moments. Louis CK continues to show his range in the most dramatic role in which I've seen him. Helen Mirren, whom I love, had me legitimately hating her. Michael Stuhlbarg as Edward G Robinson is phenomenal, as is Dean O'Gorman as Kirk Douglas. However, the most amazing performance is from Bryan Cranston himself, who continues to prove what an incredible actor he is. It's almost shameful that he has to compete with the like of Matt Damon, who does absolutely nothing special in "The Martian," yet is up for the same award. While many have Leo pegged to win for "The Revenant," Bryan has to be a close second.