Red Swastik

Red Swastik

Bollywood version of Basic Instinct - has to be seen to be believed!!!

Sarika is a single mother, who lives in Mumbai, India, along with her physically challenged daughter and works as an Editor with a magazine. One day she gets a phone call from an female ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al H (de) wrote: Another sad case of a good actress in a silly and bad movie.

Dan M (fr) wrote: Terrible...nuff said

Melanie J (de) wrote: i only watched this movie coz jgl was in it and he barely appears in the entire movie. for such a great cast this is a really sub-par movie.

Meli F (ca) wrote: This movie is magical

Artemis C (gb) wrote: I like this interesting movie.

k p (de) wrote: i need to see it first

Peter P (gb) wrote: Really interesting story about the director of The African Queen and how he wants to hunt and kill an elephant before starting the movie. Clint Eastwood does a good job pulling double duty as director and lead actor, which Jeff Fahey, who is mostly known for b-movies, holds his own nicely as the best friend and voice of reason to the director who is used to doing everything his own peculiar way. The film looks really good, using a lot of African locales and all the stuff with the elephants is just great.

Ernest E (ca) wrote: The only Costner film I like

Stella D (br) wrote: sixties pop art sci/fi satire is loads of fun. most dangerous game predates reality tv by 30 years! with a wild score by piero piccioni

Cody C (gb) wrote: Perfect example of how little you need in order to tell a suspenseful and engaging story.

Dan A (it) wrote: This is okay, nothing special. A few laughs here and there and I like Jason Bateman in everything he's in. Although I'll admit, my opinion of this film might be slightly more negative if they didn't shoot in the Sportsman's Lodge Hotel in LA, which is where I stayed on holiday in 2009 - so it hit me in the nostalgia balls.

Mark N (br) wrote: As I child I saw this movie dozens of times. I will always remember that it was released on VHS with two tapes, an honest intermission in-between. Love this show, forever a classic.