Red: The Dark Side

Red: The Dark Side

Neel has a fatal heart ailment. Luckily, He gets a heart transplant. After this surgery, he meets Anahita.

Neil Oberoi(Aftab Shifdasani), is a billionaire with a serious heart condition and is in need of a new heart. He finds a donor who has left behind the beautiful Anahita.(Celina Jaitley). They fall in love but the death of her husband has left the police baffled. They start to suspect Neil and Anahita's friend. He then falls in love with her and doesnt realise that she is betraying him and that she killed her husband. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph C (nl) wrote: Being from New Orleans, I generally love movies that deal with voodoo. This movie may cause me to never watch another one. To paraphrase a quote from the movie, "We're in voodoo hell, now it's time to make it back." The problem is the movie just stays right there and keeps the viewer with it, in voodoo hell.

Khantey O (ca) wrote: A decent sci-fi thriller. Some parts didn't make sense to me. I only watched it cuz of Amanda Crew. She's a good actress.

Timothy J (gb) wrote: Pretty extraordinary that this documentary is out there considering how much access to the press and independent filmmakers was controlled by the pentagon. This is a pretty unvarnished account of the lives of solders in Afghanistan. That includes both dead military and civilians. Strips the flag waving and hyped patriotism by people whose only sacrifice to their country was the American Flag Lapel pin they'd wear to the office every day. This isn't glamorous or glorified. It is the day to day life of a grunt in the field. I highly recommend this.

Wendy C (au) wrote: A good film! I once thought it's a real commentary! It's a splendid Mockumentary. The director was so good at telling story and presenting his own ideas.

Vera K (us) wrote: Goed Annie M.G. verhaal, fijne blije film met lieve grapjes.

Saman G (it) wrote: the bittersweet holocaust story is funny and sad. truly wonderful to see.

Walker P (ca) wrote: how do you spell awsome

Joey T (gb) wrote: Way better that Basket Case!

Byron B (de) wrote: Another one of the many films Wilder made with Jack Lemmon. Lemmon is a high strung American executive always in a hurry and unable to understand the Italian way of slowing down and enjoying life. He goes to an Italian island to collect his father who died in a car accident. His father died with his secret mistress beside him. The daughter, Juliet Mills, of the woman has come to the island from England to collect her mother too. Lemmon learns of his father having a mistress from her and from the hotel staff. Everyone at the hotel including Clive Revill, (now an Italian) the manager of the hotel, knows that the affair had been going on for a month every summer for ten years! Lemmon struggles with these facts he never knew about his father and deals with many humorous complications in arranging to take his father home to a big media covered funeral while keeping the affair a secret. All the hotel staff think the younger couple look like his father and her mother, so of course a romantic situation develops. Armbruster Jr. (Lemmon) says he's hip enough to realize there's nothing wrong with a one night stand, or even many short affairs, but a long-term affair like his father had, that's cheating on his mother. Hhmmm!? Miss Piggott (Mills) wants to make the point that their long-term affair was based on love, that they could enjoy life and be happy in Italy, and that it was beautiful. She suggests they be buried side by side on this Italian island where they were happier. Miss Piggott eventually helps Armbruster Jr. learn a bit of Italian and enjoy life. When a servant knocks at your door in the hotel to clean your room and asks "permiso," you can answer "avanti," or "come in," "your permitted." It is by this little play on words that Lemmon and Mills realize they are in love. Lemmon's character has a wife at home too, but the film ends with these two new lovers basically promising to meet each summer on this island like their parents did. It was a colorful quirky movie, but when you think about it the message is that infidelity isn't that bad.

Kristen U (ag) wrote: For an old movie that was probably extremely scandalous back then, I found it highly entertaining!

Nick C (br) wrote: Let's face it, the first was groundbreaking as well as an all time classic, this one, well, lets just say it's not as breathtaking, but this still pretty entertaining, even though the plot was a little similar to the first. All in all, in terms of Disney pre/mid/sequals, this is definatly in my top 5.

Matthew H (ca) wrote: It's one of my favorite Die Hard Ripoff.

Filipe C (ru) wrote: This has to be some of the most fearless filmmaking in cinema's history, adorned by a soundtrack of "oh my gods" and "Jesus Christ". It's consistently funny until you realize that in every scene the actors and crew are fighting for survival. It's actually incredible that after these experiences, Marshall and Hedren were still firm believers of their message. Roar is a must for every cinephile.

Jim T (fr) wrote: Saw this one based on Patton Oswalt's comedy bit calling it out as the film he can't believe anyone ever made. The movie is so bad and unexplainable and confusing that I can't help but rate it highly. If nothing else, rent it to see the 3 minute scene of a victim crawling away from the bed that eats people (seriously. 3 minutes) and a scene of a man contemplating his skeleton hands.