Red & White

Red & White

This movie is about a redemption plan from a team that tried to save Indonesia

The movie starts with the tough lives of the aforementioned characters in a military school, showing friendship and even competition among them. But the lives of the young cadets changes when Dutch soldiers suddenly attack their camp, tearing them apart. With limited weaponry and forces, they decided to unite to fight against the Dutch and defend their freedom. Combining action, drama, humor, romance, human tragedy and strong personal stories, the movie is aimed at inspiring the new generation with the spirit of the generations before them who fought and sacrificed themselves for the freedoms Indonesia enjoys today. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stefano D (it) wrote: Bel film di denuncia sul genocidio degli armeni da parte dei turchi. Regia come sempre ispirata dei Taviani, qualche lungaggine di troppo, alcuni momenti di poesia pura, impianto meno politico del solito e pi funzionale alla storia.

William C (ag) wrote: Grade:Higher 4/10Deck the Halls is a festive film full of thrills spills and jokes,unfortunately none of them work and you finish watching this neitherfilled with holiday cheer or a hurting stomach from laughing too much.The film tries very hard to be a comedy that then also tries too hardto bring jokes rather than any jolly feel, overall just leaves youfeeling this movie to be Poor, and a strong one of that.The story is a very fast paced one, lots of gags and they are veryslapstick orientated. I felt throughout the jokes are just not wellmade enough, some have a little mind put into them but end up beingwasted and too predictable. The plot even becomes tiring by the end andthe feud seen within the movie becomes stale and flat where as aChristmas film doing it right would have changed course to make it moreinteresting to the viewer.The acting in truth is one of the if not the worst part of the movie,Matthew Broderick is just not good whatsoever in this and failscompletely as the main character Steve Finch. Danny DeVito couldpossibly top Broderick's performance and do even worse as he is just sounreal and unbelievable, you can't help feel any old person from thestreet could have done a better job. Other than those two the castremain fairly subdued and even actors such as Kristin Davis fail toshine.The directing is a bit of a fail and although I don't want to sound acritic who offends, the directing is of absolutely no help to the movieand if anything they should have just improvised for the film. Thescript offers little originality and I still can't help feeling that ifthey had brought in a more experienced writer then we may have seen afunnier piece. I enjoyed the Christmas design coursing thorough but tosay this movie oozes festive sparkle, well I would be straight lying.It may seem I am disgusted by this film but in truth it is only poor,it has as I mentioned a nice Christmas step, the feeling may not be thethere but the look is. A few jokes produced a kind of slight sniggerand although maybe I felt a slight bit of remorse afterwards atlaughing at such things, I guess I can't help but at least try tolocate my funny bone.If you like a good old comedy Christmas flick, well avoid this as itwon't fulfil your needs, but if you don't mind an unkind movie with abit of a haphazard plot then you may find this suitable entertainment.One thing I did feel whilst watching was that it tends to follow thesame lines as other Christmas like films, the naughty and not nicenature of the movie feels like it's been done before but I do thinkpeople could like that part about it.Overall I give this a higher 4/10 and found it to be Strongly a Poor andunreasonable film but one that somehow stays stable enough not tobecome truly awful. Just try to watch it in a happy if not happy anslightly mischievous mood and you may find it pleasant enough viewing,watch it in a normal critic mode well you will not like it and ifanyone laughs throughout this movie a lot, well my hats off to them.

Jonathan L (ca) wrote: Hot chicks, funny lines, and drinking. What's not to like?

WS W (nl) wrote: More, & deeper, than pure erotica. Still boring however.

Matt D (it) wrote: Tries way too hard to be Requiem for a Dream but is anything but ... and like most drugs, after the high wears off, it leaves you feeling hollow and soul-less.

Belinda R (ca) wrote: Serial killer at his finest. Great movie.

Carlton R (us) wrote: A forgotten classic, starts off with The Ripper being found out and escaping in the time machine to the 1970s, and is followed by his friend who tries to stop him killing anymore victims,very enjoyable

Master C (de) wrote: Phenomenal, message is deep but makes the movie good even tho character depth is lacking but worth the watch.

Brad D (nl) wrote: Solarbabies. Need I say more? To think I could find this movie in the free OnDemand list of movies is amazing. A "film about a group of roller-skating orphans who try to save a mystical alien from destruction". Sounds ok. Wait. Roller-skating orphans? "Mystical" alien? To quote the great Pearl Forrester, "this movie sucks on toast"

Ryan G (mx) wrote: Nothing ever happens.