A man thought dead returns to find his wife has built a new life.

Fedya wins Lisa away from her fiance, Victor Karenin. But after Fedya weds Lisa, he becomes infatuated with a gypsy girl, Masha. His duplicity leads to tragedy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie C (es) wrote: Judd Apatow is back in the directing chair and it's worth the wait, It's funny all the way through, It's not so much laugh out loud funny but it's smart and clever funny, Very well acted by all the cast, It was overlong but not in a bad way it kept me entertained all the way through, It's not as good as Knocked Up but it's still very good.

Andrew M (jp) wrote: Love this Looney Tunes classic. Watch it every Christmas.

Gregory W (fr) wrote: inspite of the feel of a made 4 TV movie, this is still watchable all shot on location in the holy land and cudos for addressing this subject matter love between an arad woman and a jewish man but the ending could be better.

Veronica A (it) wrote: Pao esta es la peli que te dije...

Vanessa F (gb) wrote: my first Tim Roth movie !! I like it so much !!

John K (ca) wrote: An interesting, but ultimately unrewarding film.

Robert I (ag) wrote: Gay Superman? Bryan Singer's favorite film. Michael Caine makes the Batman connection. Lumet, what were you thinking?

Andy A (de) wrote: Though JP Melville's "Second Breath" opens up on a strong front of bullets and getaways, the middle unfortunately lacks a good measure of the direct visual or narrative punch he normally deals. It's purposely sparse so if you're watching this late at night with only a half-tank between you and a flock of sheep, then I suggest saving it for when you're feeling a bit more attentive. In the end though it ties up very nicely and the exquisite blocking and detail given to each sequence really inspires a sense of modesty with each viewing. Complete with all the staples of new wave noir, including a tense mountain-top heist, Francophiles or Lino Ventura fans shouldn't be disappointed.

Panta O (kr) wrote: I don't know what was I thinking choosing this Christmas family drama, because this adaptation of Turk Pipkin's 1999 novel When Angels Sing, was a real suffering! Directed by Tim McCanlies, and starring Harry Connick, Jr., Connie Britton, Chandler Canterbury, Fionnula Flanagan, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson, this film had such substandard acting, that I wanted to stop watching it few times during the hour and a half... I didn't do that because at the end I wanted to write an honest review and warn people who love quality.The story of the history professor Michael (who as a child loved Christmas, but after a tragic accident, his holiday spirit was crushed) was simplistic and very thin. As a grown up, he still can't find the joy of Christmas. Only as his son faces a tragedy, he needs to find his holiday spirit again. He gets a push in the "right" direction when he meets a man named Nick (Willie Nelson), who gives him a gift that helps him find the joy of Christmas again.There was some good music here, maybe the message wasn't too bad, but the rest was insignificant and forgettable. Impotent is the word which comes to my mind after watching it! And no pills would help.

Harry W (ca) wrote: By the point that the National Lampoon's Vacation series entered Vegas Vacation, it's just depressing.The jokes are all dull rehashes just like the characters, and the story is just pathetic.The script is the absolute dumbest of the series and doesn't even have jokes that you can cringe at because it's practically impossible to find them. Vegas Vacation like a game of Where's Wally?, but with a joke on some pages and nothing on others, so you can never be sure. You can be sure that the film is completely sh*t though and through. Rarely is a comedy this repetitive, unfunny and actually depressing enough to have you walk away from it with such hate for the people that wasted $25 million trying to prophet from a film series that already ran its course.There's a reason you've never heard the name Stephen Kessler before. It's because anybody that directs the National Lampoon's Vacation series into the ground so painfully doesn't even deserve the recognition of a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Director, despite being an ideal contender.Vegas Vacation left me feeling unhappy, and so since it succeeds at depressing viewers and failing to make them laugh its one of the furthest things from a successful comedy. Not even the cast could save it.At age 54, Chevy Chase is at the period of transitioning between playing Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher from the Fletch films and Pearce Hawthorne in Community, so he looks old without being old enough to play an old man but not young enough to be the father of characters from a family comedy series. And it seems like all his charisma has dried up because I didn't find find him funny at all in Vegas Vacation. Clarke Griswald should have been retired after National Lanpoon's Christmas Vacation just as the whole movie should have, because it's just damaging to Chevy Chase for him to be stuck in this chaotic waste of talent.At ages 24 and 19, Marisol Nichols and Ethan Embry do not at all convince me that they are the young teenage children of Clarke Griswald, particularly the latter who looks older than he is and therefore isn't convincing for his age. And the motivation for the actors is little so they don't bring much to their roles and end up just being attractive people used for a terrible film.And I'm sick to death of the character Eddie. He isn't f*cking funny, he's an annoyingly repetitive presence which Randy Quaid does nothing with, so why they bring him in to bother trying is pointless. And when they make him a good guy, they make Clarke a douche, so the script in Vegas Vacation has literally no idea what to do with its characters and wastes then on a stunted script of a stupid plot in a pathetic comedy which generates less laughs than if it were directed by Russell Mulcahy who everybody knows has literally no talent for sequels Really, Vegas Vacation is one of the dumbest comedy films I've ever seen because it's depressingly unfunny and horribly scripted without even giving the actors appropriate direction.

Zach M (ru) wrote: Was a decent movie that had some enjoyable death scenes.Nudity to start and Violence the rest of the way.