Two friends at a coconut farm are visited by a stranger who wants to spend the night.

A psychopathic rapist is contained by two young farmers, one of whom is involved with the police and, while he protects a threatened young girl, finds the 'redemption'. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrei P (br) wrote: I hate this movie beyond belief.

Trevor C (mx) wrote: This is the most disturbing film I have ever seen. Why? Because it's a documentary about a man who makes snuff films. It's never proven that he does it, but it seems so obvious, even from the start, that he does. The way he talks about how he makes his movies, the way he avoids the subject and gives mixed and unsure answers. This is one deranged person, and we see his 'work' on film. Now its either that, or this man is just pretending to act insane with some diabolical plan to improve his own sales of his disgusting films, which I sincerely hope is the case. Of course the idea of a snuff film is brilliant, as long as, of course, it isn't real. But by this point in time its overdone and lame. Some are made to be over the top and pornographic (for pure jerk-off purposes) while others are meant to disturb (with very violent, yet seemingly choreographed happenings). Then there are the (Sandman) S&Man's work, which is either so excellently put together that he's able to do all that stuff and make it appear so real, OR its that he really does kill people. And based on his constantly changing stories about how he finds 'actresses' and his lack of contact info distribution - and his pointing out that 'Blood looks so disappointing on video' - well.. it sort of seems like he really is a freaking killer. His personality and psychology seems to fit perfectly with that of a serial killer. And he's not the "American Psycho" type either. He's skilled in stalking, but when it comes to confronting others he seems to clearly have communication issues - like he had a rough childhood or something and just wants everyone to be his friend - which leads me to believe he really is a killer. It's very possible that his victims are still alive and well, but this documentary seems so convincing in its reasoning that I'm on the boat that believes he is indeed a killer. Also, think about it, snuff films being sold - all presumed to be fake - and a guy who kills people, films it, and then can sell these films and make it come across as fake. AND HE WON'T GIVE THE CONTACT INFORMATION FOR HIS VICTIMS. It's very unsettling stuff. Okay, enough of that now. This is a very well made documentary that left me thinking for hours and hours. The concept is brilliant and the fact that they found such a wacko (S&Man) is just amazing on its own. The entire time you think that this S&Man guy is going to do something totally demonic to these filmmakers. It's unreal how creepy he is, and he comes across as a child in his seemingly-innocent smile and personality. But what kind of child is into snuff films? Really the rest of the stuff the documentary is centered around isn't all that interesting, but this S&Man guy keeps the film going in a suspenseful and eerie direction. This documentary must have been scary to make, because it definitely was scary to watch.

Joseph H (au) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting.

Louise A (es) wrote: We all have to watch it. Just to see how far (!) the films have come. Bollocks I'm afraid.

Jorge B (ag) wrote: Un ejemplo de lo que no se debe repetir

Jens T (nl) wrote: Ivan the Terrible, Part I, was released in 1944, without any problems. It got through Stalin's stringent censorship. But the second part was not, it wasn't released until 1958, 16 years longer then intended. Some says that there was many similarities between Ivan the Terrible and Josef Stalin, that it might have an influence on the people. Ivan the Terrible Part II starts where the first part ended. Ivan is ordering the execution of all his enemies. He also get to know that his beloved queen was poisoned by his aunt, Efrosinia, who wants her mentally retarded son, Vladimir, to take Ivan's place as Czar, which is the oppositions also wish. But Ivan is lucky that he have that information, so he's way a head above this enemies.My opinion about this second part, is that it's as good as the first one. And that it's a good portraying about one of the most powerful and dangerous man since the great Julius Caesar, maybe that's where the word "czar" came from. It's a good film, with a lot of great Shakespearian acting performances, and we get to see and even worse and more untouchable Ivan, than in the first part. A villain that we really love to hate. I give this movie a thumbs up.

bill s (us) wrote: Spends far to much time on the set up that it forgets to add a viable story.

Robert F (nl) wrote: This just may be the perfect pre-code Warren William film. Warren plays a hard-nosed, hard-charging department store executive. He seduces gorgeous but broke & unemployed Loretta Young with a meal and a job. Loretta then falls for Wallace Ford, who is being groomed by Warren to be another hard-nosed executive. One thing leads to another and Loretta and Wallace wed (secretly so Warren doesn't find out). However, there's trouble in paradise and after a tiff at an employee's party, a drunken Loretta once again sleeps with Warren. In the meantime, the bankers are plotting to oust Warren, which causes him to seek the proxy votes of the vacationing fatuous store owner. In the course of his machinations, the caddish Warren has Wallace listen in secretly to a conversation twixt himself and Loretta in which she admits to cuckolding Wallace. Time is getting tight, with the board of directors meeting at 10AM. At the last minute, Warren gets the proxy votes he needs to forestall the bankers. Loretta and Wallace kiss and make up. The End.I give this film an "A". Excellent acting and direction. The minor players (almost all familiar to pre-code film fans) are great. Warren William is in his element here, playing a cad and brutal businessman. He was never better. Loretta Young is beautiful and turns in a very good performance too, as does Wally Ford. This aired on TCM the other day and, given TCM's film rotation, is likely to show up again in the next few moths. Not to be missed!!!

Federico F (ru) wrote: Great film adaptation of a story of terror, with great directing, great acting and a small cast

Tim M (it) wrote: Snipes in a Western versus zombies. A great idea, but the execution is flawed with terrible dialog mixed in with lackluster directing and editing. The voiceovers! "A bold folly, mixing genres and color palettes with all the desultory visual flair of a Jodorowsky film, but with none of the Chilean director's intelligence or depth of ideas." Decent fatalities, but not enough of them. The ending credits are good, it's a shame they didn't make it animated.

Corey S (br) wrote: This film is really creepy and has some great actors. I really liked the horror Init and the twist in the story but the stand out was Dennis who was brilliant and a good lead in Ben foster happy to see he's getting some action now.

Shajie K (nl) wrote: 19/08/13 - mumDecent movie, i just didnt like it

Noah M (ca) wrote: An 80's classic. Too bad all of the sequels sucked.