Both original and incredibly romantic, Redwoods tells the story of an already-partnered man whose love is tested when a mysterious drifter passes through his small Northern California town.

An unfulfilled gay man in a stagnant relationship finds his life changed forever when he meets a struggling writer visiting the Redwoods Country. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nilesh J (ca) wrote: A great, pathbreaking film in so many respects. In both portraying Kashmir and Tabu's various relations, the directors have gone where few would ever have imagined. Lovely acting.

Grace O (jp) wrote: A hilarious adult film; my only complain is that it is pretty gory and bloody. Otherwise it is perfect. :)

David L (nl) wrote: Quite a peculiar film, if you can even call it a film, as it's more of a fly on the wall documentary with the way it's portrayed. It basically follows the events that led up to a mans death and subsequent burial in the woods. The trouble is, despite the man wanting this as his last request, the family who grant him his wish are now being accused of his murder thanks to the twisted press stories being released via a dodgy psychotherapist who is giving counselling sessions to one of the families friends. Whether or not there is any element of fact in this story by way of it being based on real life events, I'm not too sure, but if not then it's certainly a very odd concept. It very much has a style similar to that of the Inbetweeners of Friday Night Dinner I.e. a very dry but direct British humour. Unfortunately, in all too many scenes its jokes just fail to hit the mark and it becomes quite drab to watch. There are some occasional laughs but they arrive after a long and tenuous beginning, by which point one is already beginning to fall asleep. It all feels very cheap, very homemade, and something which given a couple of days, could probably come up with myself. I certainly enjoy watching films with a different style, if only to learn the lesson of not to watch them again.

Bradley D (ag) wrote: A pleasant surprise! Strong performances all around, and a tragic love story that explores broad issues of faith and morality.

Walter M (de) wrote: "Stand Up Guys" starts with Val(Al Pacino) being released from prison after 28 years, where he is met by his best friend Doc(Christopher Walken). Whereas Doc may never stab his friend in the back, he may have to shoot him, under orders from Claphands(Mark Margolis). But first Doc takes his friend to get laid and introduces him to viagra."Stand Up Guys" is a better movie than I was expecting and not as good as it could have been. For example, there is a scene in a cemetery that makes absolutely no sense but still works. In any case, it is always fun watching a couple of old pros do their thing, even Al Pacino who is relatively restrained here. And while the movie does have its share of erection jokes, it is also wistful in tone, telling the viewer the story of this singular friendship over an eventful night.

Wong J (ag) wrote: Best movie of cartoon network

Eliabeth W (br) wrote: How far would you go to save your daughter's life??

Joshua L (it) wrote: Bad movie but Dolph is bad ass in it lol

TTT C (us) wrote: (***): Thumbs Up If you like K-horror, you'll probably like this one. It kept me intrigued throughout. A good entry in the 8 Films to Die For series.

Luke O (ca) wrote: Awesome. One of the best films ever made- a genuinely funny and touching piece.

Carrie T (gb) wrote: The Wild Life, though very loosely based on Robinson Crusoe, offers a colorful cast of characters and beautiful animation to keep us invested in its by-the-book story of a man stranded on an island with animals story.

Graham M (gb) wrote: Its own internal logic appears to be occasionally confused, but it's an original sci-fi thriller with good performances.