Strangers trapped at an eerie travel oasis in the desert must unravel the mystery behind their visions of dying people while they are preyed upon by a decaying creature.

Strangers trapped at an eerie travel oasis in the desert must unravel the mystery behind their visions of dying people while they are preyed upon by a decaying creature. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucas M (it) wrote: Witching and Bitching has enough substance that it can (oddly enough) withstand the several genre drifts it goes through.

Gobinath M (mx) wrote: Serious waste of time

Gregg O (gb) wrote: Spoiler alert. I've never shied away from a really bad horror movie (Zombiez, Ghosts Don't Exist, The Sick and The Dead) and this one didn't disappoint, thank goodness. It was 87 minutes of being on an edge of plots but they were way to far in the distance to recognize them. There were three storylines; 1) the couple whose marriage was not going well because the dude was on the computer all the time while a zombie apocalypse was going on outside (later the computer became an alien life form that eventually sprouted roots and killed his wife who dreamed of dancing with zombies), 2) the vampire couple who captured a female to feed on but she turned out to be some anti-vampire, 3) a kick-butt girl who is a wannabe Alice (from Resident Evil) and gets hooked up with the Anti-Christ. None of the three storylines actually crossed paths, except that they were living in a zombie apocalypse. It was 87 minutes of incredible lack of direction, no plot and some really weird scripting. If you like movies with no plot and no clear ending, this is a great movie for you. One of the best lines in the movie, There(TM)s m-f arm bones in the front yard!? I gave this one star because the videography/camera angles and video transitions are well done. This is a keeper for my Crappy Movies? collection.

Juan David C (au) wrote: Awesome. The japanese E.T.

jeroen v (au) wrote: In this film we learn what the middle classes are up to these days. Not that much it seems, although the sentiments expressed about the loss of memories and the passing of time are put together with sensitivity and nuance. Binoche plays somebody much younger than herself and that is a bit weird, but Berling is very good as usual. Assayas is one of those incredibly frustrating directors, promising a lot each time but always coming up a bit short (see: Carlos the Jackal, Clean, etc.).

Jo G (mx) wrote: Very sweet movie with some very scary similarities of being mid-20s and in Australia (not just Brisbane).

Paula D (jp) wrote: Thank heaven I paid nothing for this dopey flick. The main premiss; that the characters in the museum embody the actual characters they portray, is dispelled when "Teddy Rooseveldt" confesses he's only a wax dummy. After that the movie seems even more idiotic than before. That and the fact that they all speak English, Except for Attila the Hun who understands it, but also understands gibberish. Seriously annoying.

Vincent T (es) wrote: Saw this on Netflix. It was cool to revisit some of the undertakers coolest matches, but needs to be updated, this release came to soon.

HungYa L (nl) wrote: The movie actually aims for children. I just do not know if they do that very bad Mexican English accents on purpose though. There are some bad bits, yes, but it is occasionally funny.

Chihiro I (jp) wrote: Fine movie. Tokyo looks so beautiful that it's almost 'oldie but goodie' . The story feels realistic; things happen, but they just flow and pass by like train. I didn't like Hajime's character, though.

Kok F (fr) wrote: It suppose to be a realistic approach on telling a story about conservative marriage tradition. However, sometimes the story does not get that way. That makes the film somehow losing control.

Helen F (ca) wrote: an excellent but highly distressing film. Loach doing what he does best

Ian M (it) wrote: Anthony LaPaglia helps make this an amusing diversion. Contains lots of gratuitous smoking and a voice-over that drops out of the film 10 minutes in.

Mariana R (us) wrote: Made me think twise about what im goin to do

Reno C (mx) wrote: Always good to know...

Joe S (ag) wrote: A lot better then you might think . Half a star for music alone

Jared B (br) wrote: Cheesy and ridiculous, it was one of my favorite movies as a kid during the freestyling craze.

Russell G (ru) wrote: Deep sea divers find a mysterious craft, and bring a pod like thing back to the sea lab. Yup, they pulled a boner! Plays like a "Black Lagoon" ripoff, but the monster is pretty decent with his rainbow fins.

Rory P (nl) wrote: charming little short. Tarkovsky's best student film that I've seen (There Will Be No Leave Today is unavailable).

Kirk B (es) wrote: Was not that happy with this movie