Reel Rock 8

Reel Rock 8

The latest groundbreaking films from Big Up Productions and Sender Films. Featuring Yuji Harayama, Daniel Woods, Hazel Findlay, Emily Harrington, Ueli Steck, Simone Moro, Melissa Arnot, Adam Ondra, and Chris Sharma. Action, humor, controversy, and inspiration in some of the most breathtaking places on Earth, including the mysterious spires of Borneo, the towering faces of Morocco, and the thin air of Mt. Everest.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Reel Rock 8 torrent reviews

Cody B (gb) wrote: Really cool. Awesome look into the world of synthesizers, their start, and where they are now. Cevin Key is interviewed in it, along with many other prominent musicians. And in the first part of his interview, Fisherman is also in the movie.

Sheana H (mx) wrote: cute cute cute. but wvery time i watch it i get that penny and the jets song stuck in my head.

Robert I (jp) wrote: Sometimes I watch movies that make me wish I did drugs. This is one such picture. Apparently this was also a sequel to the Dorm Daze movies; that explains the horrible characters. The "story" isn't a bad situation comedy and the climax ended up being quite creative merging all the horrendous storylines together. But the characters aren't funny, the jokes are worse, and it never takes advantage of the concept. In better hands (and without the leftover characters) this might have been a successful film.

bob (ru) wrote: parallels to 'sweet november' cannot be rejected: business man imprisoned in a world consisting of money meets a woman who lives for the moment and doesnt follow the rules of materialism. a clash of two perspectives. but this copy is too simple and has no new facettes. i'll keep it with the original.

Reece L (ru) wrote: A ridiculous piece of fluff that doesn't exactly get a pass for the fact that it's aware of its ridiculousness, Bring It On is an moderately funny, light-hearted exercise in clichs that has slightly more on its mind than the average teen competition movie (although the humor is occasionally tone deaf, namely the outdated, stereotypical "black" mannerisms and the liberal use of the word "fag").

LynleyShimat L (fr) wrote: Lots of unusual details. Beautiful cityscapes of J'lem. Gitai has a cameo as a thugish bar owner.

Ceph J (ru) wrote: Steam is best when it serves as a travelogue for Istanbul. I felt like booking a flight to visit a "hamam" (steam bath) where you can relax and enjoy your deepest inclinations. That's what happens to Francesco (sexy Alessandro Gassman) who travels from Italy to Istanbul after his aunt dies. Most of her possessions are personal except for the "hamam." Francesco not only discovers the joy of steam and the secrets of Istanbul but the embrace of Mehmet, son of the caretaker. I wish the movie had explored the relationship between these two men. In the final scenes, it shifts the focus to his wife, Marta (played by a beautiful actress Francesca D'Aloja) who travels to Istanbul to end their marriage. Another problem is that we have gorgeous, fit performers llike Gassman, Mehmet, and Francesca but they don't fill the screen, they're like blank slates. The best acting is done by the older actors like Serif Sezer (the mother). The movie's poster shows Gassman and Mehmet in the steam which might give the impression it's a gay movie but it's not. It's more about discovering yourself in an exotic location. The end is too sudden and dramatic--why does Gassman have to pay with his life for saving the hamam? As a lover of traveling and foreign culture, the movie satisifes the hedonistic longings in me. Like tourists Gassman and Francesca, Istanbul will always beckon to me.

Ding D (au) wrote: Dean:The film was amazing! I loved it, this is coming from a 13 year old teen. The final dance scene was the best. Ever since watching the film I am really interested in street dance. (I think its that?) The film is aimed at younger audiences, as most adults are bored of it as of what I can see.

Joel C (kr) wrote: A film about a director whose name is Alan Smithee, that turned out so bad the actually director took his name off the film.From the four and a half minute opening titles, you know your in for an over indulgent film, and the remaining 80 minutes don't disappoint. A perfect example of lazy Hollywood filmmaking.

dinahmoe h (ru) wrote: Too good a title not to pick up

Jon P (us) wrote: Yul Brynner goes full robo in this flawed, frivolous and fabulously entertaining sci-fi classic. Both inventive and influential, Michael Crichton's directorial debut takes artificial intelligence to the amusement park for 88 minutes of mini-mayhem.The film contains all the key ingredients of Crichton's later, greater Jurassic Park - but it also lays down a couple of cornerstones that the man-against-machine subgenre would come to depend on for the rest of its days. Most notably through its invention of the pixelated, heat-seeking robot's-eye view we all know and love.Who doesn't want to watch retro robots wreak havoc on moustachioed rich kids playing cowboys and Indians?

Steve S (gb) wrote: Possibly the most gripping powerful and amazing concert documentaries ever filmed if certainly not one of the most ambitious. The Rolling Stones concert at the Altamont Speedway,which ended in the tragic death of Meredith Hunter, is perhaps the most notorious in rock history. The Maysles brothers and Charlotte Zwerin chilling and disturbing record of the drug fueled dystopian nightmare and the spirit of violence and madness which pervaded the atmosphere of that festival is spellbinding. A riveting document of the end of a turbulent decade and indeed a stunning portrait of an entire generations lost innocence.

Al M (gb) wrote: Still featuring a distinctive aesthetic clearly derived from German Expressionism, Son of Frankenstein continues to create classic Gothic horror in the manner of its two Universal predecessors (Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein). The last of the films to feature Karloff as the monster, Son of Frankenstein manages to create another classic instance of Gothic horror by following the son of Frankenstein (played by Basil Rathbone) to his father's hometown. Creepy, beautifully filmed, and thoroughly entertaining, Son of Frankenstein ranks as one of the great Universal sequels.

Jamie C (us) wrote: A strong voice cast and a nice twist on the whole superhero genre makes this a nice little film, I can't comment on the 3D as I watched the 2D version but i bet it would of been better, Maybe not as funny as it should of been but some cool action scenes help it allot.

Eduardo R (jp) wrote: Way too distant from modern teen movies, The Kings of Summer shows with a very simple plot it's funny and dramatic.

solidity q (au) wrote: Puts you right there in the action. Feeling what the characters are feeling.